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Book Review Index: Target Audience - Advanced



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Target Audience - Advanced: G-P

Card by Card: Adventures At The Bridge Table
Hughes, Roy                          Advanced
Game with a Past and a Future, The: Bridge Plafond: The Original Game of Contract Bridge *
Manning-Foster, A.               Novice+               Entertainment 
Geneva: 1990 World Championship *
Tony Sowter                         Advanced
Godfrey’s Bridge Challenge
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced      Conventions
Godfrey's Angels
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced      Conventions
Godfrey's Stairway to the Stars
Rosencrantz, George           Novice+              Entertainment
Goren Presents the Italian Bridge System
Goren, Charles                      Advanced      Bidding
Goren System: Bridge Institute Lesson Manual *
Nash, Garrett                        Novice+              General
Grand Master of Bridge: "Foxy" - The Autobiography
Fox, George                           Novice+              Entertainment
Grand Slam: A Cassandra Swann Mystery
Moody, Susan                        Novice+               Entertainment
Graphic Guide to Duplicate Bridge Directing
Low, William                           Advanced     Laws
Great Bridge Conspiracy, The
Quinn, Terry                          Novice+              Entertainment
Great Hands I Wish I Had Played
Brock, Raymond                   Advanced       Play
Great Match, The: Naturals vs. Scientists
Reese, Terence                    Advanced       General
Great Recipes for Easy Entertaining Plus Challenging Bridge Hands: Cook & Deal *
Cook, Dorothy                       Novice+               Entertainment
Guaruja, Brazil: 1973 World Championship Books *
Hirsch, Tannah                      Advanced      General
Guide to Better Bridge
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Play
Hammamet Tunisia: 1997 World Bridge Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
Handbook for the Director at the Local Bridge Centre, A: A Director is Called *
McIlrath, John                       Advanced      Laws
Hands in Time, The: The Most Exciting Bridge Deals ever Played!
Horton, Mark                         Advanced     General
Happiness is a Squeeze
Donnelly, John                      Advanced      Declarer
Have I Got a Story for You
Eber, Neville                          Novice+               Entertainment
Having Nun, Partner?
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Helgemo's World of Bridge
Tislevoll, Geo                         Advanced      General
Helms to Hello
Helms, Jerry                          Advanced     Conventions
Heresy In Wonderland, A Bedtime Bridge Fable: Breakthrough Bridge Monograph Number 1 *
Sundby, Robert                     Novice+              Entertainment
Hidden Side of Bridge, The
Reese, Terence                    Advanced      Play
Hilarious Handbook of Devious Diversions and Strategems for Winning at Bridge, A: Underhanded Bridge
Sohl, Jerry                             Novice+               Entertainment
History and All the Best Deals, The: Bermuda Bowl *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
History of Australian Bridge, The
Chua, Cathy                           Novice+               Entertainment
Hocus Pocus
Brecher, Erwin                      Advanced      Play
Hog In The 21st Century, The: The Latest Adventures of Mollo's Menagerie
King, Philip                             Novice+               Entertainment
How to Beat Cast-Iron Contracts: Bridge, Defence in Depth *
Hoffman, Martin                   Advanced      Defender
How To Do It Better: Teaching Bridge *
Sydnor, Caroline                   Advanced     General
How to Improve Your Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      General
How to Play Bridge with Your Spouse, and Survive
Teukolsky, Roselyn                Novice+             Entertainment
How to Play Card Combinations
Lawrence, Mike                     Advanced     Declarer                      Amazon top 25
How to Play Championship Duplicate Bridge
Nail, Robert                            Advanced    General
How to Play Slam Contracts
Karpin, Fred                           Advanced     Declarer
How To Play Winning Bridge
Kaplan, Edgar                        Advanced     Play
How to Read Your Opponents' Cards
Lawrence, Mike                     Advanced     Play                              Amazon top 10
How to Think Like an Expert: Sharpen Your Bridge Technique *
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced         General
How to Turn Masterful Plays into Monstrous Points: Victor Mollo's Bridge Club *
Mollo, Victor                           Novice+                    Entertainment
How to Win at Rubber Bridge
Albarran, Pierre                    Advanced      General
How to Win in Duplicate Bridge
Miles, Marshall                       Advanced      General
Howard Schenken's Big Club
Schenken, Howard               Advanced      Conventions
Hoyle: Up to Date
Hoyle                                      Advanced       Laws
Human Side of Bridge, The: Masters and Monsters *
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced      General
Humorous Anecdotes about Jackie (his wife): Bridge with Jackie *
Moyse, Alphonse                   Novice+               Entertainment
Husbands and Other Men I've Played With: Bridge, That Is
Fox-Sheinwold, Patricia       Novice+               Entertainment
Hybrid Club, The: An Action System
Vickery, Ronald                     Advanced      Conventions
I Challenge You: Victor Molo Challenges You to Improve Your Bridge Game
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced
I Fought The Law of Total Tricks
Lawrence, Mike                    Advanced      Bidding
I Shot My Bridge Partner
Granovetter, Matt                Novice+               Entertainment
Icelandic Precision
Baldurson, Jon                      Advanced      Conventions
Imagination and Technique in Bridge
Hoffman, Martin                   Advanced      Declarer
Improve Your Opening Leads
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Defender
Improve Your Partner's Defence
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Defender
Inferences at Bridge
Miles, Marshall                      Advanced      General
Inside the Bermuda Bowl
Swanson, John                     Advanced      General
Intermediate American Bidding System, The: Volume IV
Hasney, Chris
                    Advanced       Bidding
Introduction to Constructive Thinking at the Bridge Table, An: Better Bridge for the Advancing Player *
Stewart, Frank                      Advanced      General
Italian Blue Team Bridge Book, The
Garozzo, Benito                    Advanced      General
Jake of Diamonds, The
Von Elsner, Don                     Novice+               Entertainment
Jake Winkman Adventure, A: Cruise Bridge *
Von Elsner, Don                     Novice+               Entertainment
Jake Winkman Trilogy, The
Von Elsner, Don                    Novice+               Entertainment
Jason Splinter Bids
Jason, Marvin                        Advanced      Conventions
Jason Two-Way No Trumps Bridge Convention
Jason, Marvin                        Advanced      Conventions
Jenny Mae: The Bridge Pro
Hoffman, Martin                   Novice+               Entertainment
Kantar for the Defense: Volume 1
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced       Defender
Kantar for the Defense: Volume 2 - A New Approach to Play
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced       Defender
Kaplan-Sheinwold System of Winning Bridge, The
Kaplan, Edgar                       Advanced       Conventions
Kaplan-Sheinwold Updated
Kaplan, Edgar                       Advanced       Conventions
Kelsey on Squeeze Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Kempson on Contract
Kempson, Ewart                   Novice+               Entertainment
Key to Accurate Bidding, The: Win With Romex *
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced      Conventions
Killing Defence at Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced       Defender
King Arthur and the Square Table
Arthur, Jimmie                      Novice+                Entertainment
King of Hearts: A Cassandra Swann Mystery
Moody, Susan                        Novice+               Entertainment
King's Tales, The
King, Philip
                        Novice+              Entertainment
Kosher Bridge
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Kosher Bridge 2
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Larry Cohen's Bidding Challenge
Cohen, Larry                         Advanced      Bidding
Later in the Auction: Bridge Mini-Series: II                       ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                       Novice+               General
Latest Adventures of Mollo's Menagerie, The: The Hog In The 21st Century *
King, Philip                             Novice+               Entertainment
Laws and Ethics: Easy Guide to Duplicate Bridge: How to Play, How to Win *
Frey, Richard                         Novice                 General
Law of Total Tricks, The: To Bid Or Not To Bid *                 ABTA Book of Year 1992,
Cohen, Larry                         Advanced      Competitive                 50,000+ sold
Laws of Contract Bridge
ACBL                                      Advanced       Laws
Laws of Contract Bridge, International
WBF                                        Advanced      Laws
Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge
ACBL                                       Advanced      Laws
Lebensohl Convention Complete in Contract Bridge, The
Andersen, Ron                      Advanced      Conventions
Lebensohl Convention, The
Blubaugh, John                     Advanced      Conventions
Lebensohl Convention, The
Lawrence, Mike                    Advanced      Conventions
Lebensohl vs Weak Two Bids
Blubaugh, John                     Advanced      Conventions
Lesson Hands For use of Bridge Teachers of the Common Sense System
Work, Milton                          Advanced      General
Life of a Bridge Journalist, The: For Love or Money *
Horton, Mark                         Novice+               Entertainment
Lighter Side of Bridge, The
Fein, Phyllis                            Novice+               Entertainment
Lille France: 1998 World Bridge Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
Logic, Intuition and Instinct at the Bridge Table
Jayaram, R                            Advanced         Play
Logical Bridge Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced         Play
Logical Gold Tips to Winning Bridge
Wei-Sender, Kathie              Advanced         Declarer
Low Bridge and Punk Pungs
Hellman, Sam                        Novice+               Entertainment
Lowden Cue Bid
Lowden, Reed                       Advanced         Conventions
Maastricht Challenge Bridge Quiz, The
Bourke, Tim                           Advanced     Play
Maastricht: 2000 World Bridge Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
Mad World of Bridge, The
Olsen, Jack                             Novice+         Entertainment
Mae B. Rongg's Illustrated History of Duplicate Bridge
Smith, Robert                        Novice+         Entertainment
Major Suit Raises: The Scanian Way
Nilsland, Mats                         Advanced     Conventions
Make the Leap From Intermediate to Expert Level: Bridging the Gap *
Kichline, J                               Advanced      General
Man Versus Machine
Smith, Marc                            Novice+         Entertainment
Market Characteristics of the American Contract Bridge League
Haring, Robert                      Advanced      General
Marshall Miles Teaches Logical Bridge
Miles, Marshall                       Advanced     General
Master Bridge by Question and Answer
Truscott, Alan                       Advanced      General
Master Bridge Teaching Guide, For Elementary and Intermediate-Advanced Classes
Bonney, C                              Advanced      General
Master Counting
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      Play
Master Pairs Technique
Tait, J                                      Advanced      General
Master Play in Contract Bridge
Reese, Terence                     Advanced      Play
Master Play: The Best of International Bridge
Clive, George                         Advanced      Play
Master Point Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced       General
Master Solvers Archives: 1985-1987
Kleinman, Danny                  Advanced       General
Master The Odds In Bridge
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate    General
Masterpieces of Declarer Play
Pottage, Julian                      Advanced       Declarer
Masters and Monsters: The Human Side of Bridge
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced      General
Match Point Precision
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Match Your Bidding Against The Masters
McNeil, Keith                          Advanced      Bidding
Matchpoint Tricks
Axelsen, Ib                             Advanced     Declarer
Woolsey, Kit                           Advanced      General
Mathematical Odds in Contract
Northrop, Eugene                 Intermediate   General
Mathematical Theory of Bridge, The
Borel, Emile                            Advanced     General
Medium Club Relay
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Conventions
Men, Women and Bridge: Startling tales of the Bridge Table II
Crawford, Richard                Novice+               Entertainment
Mike Lawrence's Bidding Quizzes I: The Uncontested Auction
Lawrence, Mike                     Advanced      General
Millennium Club, The
Poe, Lyle                                 Advanced      Conventions
Miracles of Card Play
Reese, Terence                     Novice+              Entertainment
Mixed Deal, or Not Playing with a Full Deck
Greenberg, Sherry                Novice+              Entertainment
Modern Constructive Bidding
Miles, Marshall                     Advanced
Modern version of Polish Club, A
Jassem, Krzysztof                  Advanced
Moments of Truth at the Bridge Table
Jayaram, R                            Advanced      General
Montreal: 2002 World Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
Monte Carlo: 2003 World Bridge Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
More Bedside Bridge
Jeronimidis, Elena                 Novice+               Entertainment
More Deadly Than the Male: First Lady of Bridge
Markus, Rixi                           Novice+              Entertainment
More Hocus Pocus
Brecher, Erwin                      Advanced      Play
More Killing Defence at Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                          Advanced      Defender                  Amazon top 50
More Kosher Bridge: The Rabbi's Magic Trick *
Bird, David                              Novice+              Entertainment
More Magic from Mollo's Menagerie: Destiny at Bay *
Mollo, Victor                           Novice+               Entertainment
More Miraculous Card Play: Unholy Tricks *
Reese, Terence                     Novice+              Entertainment 
More Tales of Hoffman
Hoffman, Martin                    Novice+              Entertainment
More Tips for Tops
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced      General
Moscito with Symmetric Relay
Dutton, Nigel                          Advanced     Conventions
Most Exciting Bridge Deals ever Played, The! The Hands in Time  *
Horton, Mark                          Advanced     General
Most Puzzling Situations in Bridge Play
Reese, Terence                     Advanced      Play
Movements - A Fair Approach
Hallen, Hans-Olof                  Advanced      Play
Movie Guide for Bridge Players
Granovetter, Pamela            Novice+               Entertainment
Murder at the Bridge Table
Granovetter, Matt                 Novice+               Entertainment
Murder In The Menagerie
Mollo, Victor                           Novice+               Entertainment
My Life and Play: The Bridge Bum *
Sontag, Alan                          Novice+              Entertainment
Natural Big Club
Coffin, George                      Advanced      Conventions
Natural Precision: Effective, Aggressive, but Natural Precision
Brown, Rick                           Advanced      Conventions
Natural Therapy for Defense Disorders
Linczmayer, Lajos                Advanced      Defender
Naturals vs. Scientists: The Great Match
Reese, Terence                    Advanced      General
Needle Match, The
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      General
Netherlands: 1980 World Championship *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced
New Approach to Bidding, A: Complete Hand Valuation and the Midmac Bidding System
Drabble, Jon                          Advanced      Bidding
New King's Tales, The
King, Philip                             Novice+               Entertainment
New Orleans: 1978 World Championship Books *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced
New Revised Summary of the Super Precision System
Wei, C.C.                                Advanced      Conventions
No Trump Zone, The
Kleinman, Danny                   Advanced      Bidding
Northern Lights
Lee, Ray                                 Novice+               Entertainment
Ocho Rios, Jamaica: 1987 World Championship Books *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced
Omar Sharif Talks Bridge
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Omar Sharif's Life in Bridge
Sharif, Omar                          Novice+               Entertainment
Opening Leads
Lawrence, Mike                     Advanced      Defender
The Original Game of Contract Bridge, The: Bridge Plafond: The Game with a Past and a Future *
Manning-Foster, A.               Novice+              Entertainment 
Our Man Godfrey
Rosencrantz, George           Novice+               Entertainment
Our Precision Style
Borin, Jim                               Advanced      Conventions
Over Hoffman's Shoulder
Hoffman, Martin                    Advanced      General
Over Your Shoulder: Learn From the Experts
Forrester, Tony                     Advanced      General
Paris: 2001 World Bridge Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
Parity Leads in Defence
Weiss, David                          Advanced      Defender
Partnership Defense in Bridge
Woolsey, Kit                           Advanced      Defender
Partnership Misunderstandings
Walsh, Donald                        Advanced     General
Perfect Your No Trump Bidding
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced     Bidding
Perth: 1989 World Championship Books *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced
Phoney Club, The: Cleveland Club System
Marsh-Smith, David              Advanced      Conventions
Play Bridge with the Aces
Corn, Ira                                Novice+              Entertainment
Play it Again, Slam
King, Philip                              Novice+              Entertainment
Play of the Cards: Contract Bridge *
Karpin, Fred                           Advanced     Play
Play Of The Cards, The
Dormer, Albert                      Advanced     Play
Play of the Cards, The: Better Bridge for Better Players *
Goren, Charles                      Advanced      Play
Play These Hands With Brian Senior
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      Play
Play These Hands with Me
Reese, Terence                     Advanced      Play                             Amazon top 50
Play With The Champions
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced      Play
Player's Guide to the Rules of Duplicate Bridge, The
Harrison, R                             Advanced      Laws
Playing Around...My Adventures on the
Rosencrans, Dorothy           Novice+               Entertainment
Playing With The Bridge Legends
Shenkin, Barnet                    Advanced       General
Polish Club, The
Matula, Greg                          Advanced      Conventions
Politiken Cup 1980: Copenhagen Open
Novrup, Svend                       Advanced      General
Power of Shape, The
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced      Bidding                      Amazon top 50
Power Precision: A Revolutionary Bridge System from a World Champion Player
Sontag, Alan                          Advanced      Conventions
Practical Bridge Endings
Wang, Chien-Hwa                 Advanced      Declarer
Precision Bidding and Precision Play
Reese, Terence                    Advanced       General
Precision and Super Precision Bidding
Garozzo, Benito                    Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bidding in Acol
Crowhurst, Eric                     Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bidding in Bridge: The Story of the Cinderella Team
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bidding System in Bridge, The
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bridge
Jannersten, Eric                   Advanced       Conventions
Precision Bridge for Everyone
Goren, Charles                      Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bridge: A Bid for Every Occasion from Alpha to Omega
Davis, Frank                           Advanced     Conventions
Precision Club
Wei, C. C.
                             Advanced     Conventions
Precision in the 90s
Rigal, Barry
                          Advanced     Conventions
Precision Power Bidding
Hanna, William
                     Advanced      Conventions
Precision System of Bidding, The
Goren, Charles                      Advanced     Conventions
Precision System of Contract Bridge Bidding
Hanna, William                      Advanced      Conventions
Precision System of Contract Bridge Bidding: Charles H. Goren Presents
Goren, Charles                      Advanced     Conventions
Precision Today
Berkowitz, David                  Advanced      Conventions

Precision's One Club Complete
Wei, Katherine                      Advanced      Conventions
Preempts From A to Z
Andersen, Ron                      Advanced      Bidding
Pre-Empts: Step By Step *
Mould, Alan                            Intermediate   Bidding
Principle of Restricted Talent, The
Kleinman, Danny                   Novice+              Entertainment
Probabilities & Alternatives in Bridge
Vivaldi, Antonio                      Advanced     General
Profits from Preempts: Bidding Precisely Volume 3
Wei, C.C.                                Advanced      Bidding

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