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Book Review Index: Target Audience - Advanced



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Target Audience - Advanced: Q-Z

Queen of Spades, The
Griffiths, John                       Novice+               Entertainment
Rabbi's Magic Trick, The: More Kosher Bridge
Bird, David                             Novice+              Entertainment
Kleinman, Danny                   Advanced        General
Record run 3584.26: Tournament by Tournament
Blake, Kay                             Novice+               Entertainment
Reisinger Challenge
Miles, Marshall                      Advanced         General
Responding to Two Notrump
Horton, Mark                         Advanced        Bidding
Revised Nottingham Club Bridge Bidding System, The
Simpson, Bill                          Advanced         Conventions
Revolutionary Bridge System from a World Champion Player, A: Power Precision *
Sontag, Alan                         Advanced      Conventions
Revolution in Bridge: The Big Diamond and the Fantastic No Trump
Nail, Robert                           Advanced         Conventions
Rhodes: 1996 World Championship Books *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced
Richelieu Plays Bridge
MacKinnon, Robert               Novice+              Entertainment
Right Through the Pack
Darvas, Robert                     Advanced         Play
Robin Hoods Bridge Memoirs
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Roman Club System of Distributional Bidding, The
Belladonna, Giorgio              Advanced         Conventions
Roman Keycard Blackwood
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced         Conventions             Amazon top 100
Roman Two Diamond Opening and Variations, The
Munger, Robert                    Advanced         Conventions
Romex System of Bidding System
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced        Conventions
Roth Stone System
Roth, Alvin                             Advanced         Conventions
Rye, NY: 1981 World Championship Books *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced
Saints and Sinners: The St Titus Bridge Challenge
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Salsomaggiore: 1992 World Championship Books *
Tony Sowter                         Advanced
Samurai Bridge: A Tale of Old Japan
MacKinnon, Robert               Novice+               Entertainment
Sao Paulo, Brazil: 1985 World Championship Books *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced
Seattle: 1984 World Championship Books *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced
Scanian Way, The: Major Suit Raises *
Nilsland, Mats                        Advanced      Conventions
Scanian Way, The: Strong Club *
Nilsland, Mats                        Advanced         Conventions
Second Collection of Bridge Stories, A: A Study in Silver *
Silver, David                          Novice+               Entertainment
Secret of Expert Card Play
Bird, David                            Advanced          Play
Secrets of Expert Defence
Bird, David                            Advanced          Defender
Secrets of Success: Europe's No.1 Player Shares His Secrets of Success
Forrester, Tony                    Advanced         General
Sequel to Author's Test Your Match Play: Tough Game *
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      General
Shadow in the Bridge World
Wiss, Mike                              Novice+              Entertainment
Sharpen Your Bridge Technique: How to Think Like an Expert
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced         General
Sherlock Holmes: Bridge Detective Returns
Thomas, Frank                      Novice+              Entertainment
Short Tall Bridge Tales
Burkoff, Steve                      Novice+               Entertainment
Shortest Cut to Expert Play, The: Victor Mollo's Bridge Quiz Book *
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced     Play
Shortest Cut to Expert Play, The: Victor Mollo's Winning Double *
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced     Bidding
Simple Squeeze in Bridge, The
Schuld, Frank                         Advanced        Declarer
Simple Squeezes
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced         Declarer
Simplified Club, The
Weiss, Larry                          Advanced         Conventions
Simplified Precision Bridge
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced         Conventions
Simply Blue (Blue Club)
Macmillan, W                         Advanced         Conventions
Sixth Contract Bridge World Bridge Team Olympiad 1980
Francis, Henry                       Advanced         General
Snares and Swindles in Bridge
Reese, Terence                    Advanced         Play
Spellbinding Plays from the Polish Stars: The Bridge Magicians *
Horton, Mark                         Advanced     General
Spingold Challenge
Falk, Allan                              Advanced         General
Splinters and Other Shortness Bids
Hardy, Max                            Advanced         Conventions
Spot the Bridge Writer's Blunder!
Roth, Danny                          Advanced         General
Squeeze at Bridge, The
Wang, Chien-Hwa                Advanced         Declarer
Squeeze in Valhalla
King, Jack                              Novice+               Entertainment
Squeeze Play in Bridge
Love, Clyde                           Advanced         Declarer
Squeezes, Coups and End Plays
Downes, Edwin                     Advanced         Declarer
St Titus Bridge Challenge, The: Saints and Sinners *
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Stairway to the Stars
Rosencrantz, George          Novice+               Entertainment
Startling tales of the Bridge Table II: Men, Women and Bridge *
Crawford, Richard               Novice+               Entertainment
Step By Step: Expert Defence
Brock, Raymond                   Advanced         Defender
Story of an Accusation
Reese, Terence                    Novice+               Entertainment
Story of the Cinderella Team, The: Precision Bidding in Bridge *
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Strange Lives of One Man
Culbertson, Ely                      Novice+               Entertainment
Strategic ACOL Bidding: Task Masters
Kambites, Andrew                Novice+              Entertainment
Streamline Your Card Play
Mollo, Victor                          Advanced         Play
Streamlined Bridge
Mollo, Victor                          Intermediate   General
Strip Squeezes
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced         Play
Strong Club: The Scanian Way
Nilsland, Mats                       Advanced          Conventions
Stronger Competitive Bidding
Miles, Marshall                       Advanced        Competitive
Study in Silver, A
Silver, David                          Novice+               Entertainment
Study in Silver, A: A Second Collection of Bridge Stories
Silver, David                          Novice+               Entertainment
Suit Combinations in Bridge
Brock, Sally                            Advanced         Declarer
Summary of Super Precision System
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced         Conventions
Swiss Match Challenge: The Bridge World Magazine
Rubens, Jeff                          Advanced         General
Switch in Time, A
Granovetter, Matt                Advanced         General
Systems in Defence
Slawinski, Lukasz                 Advanced         Defender
Table Talk
Goodwin, Jude                      Novice+            Entertainment
Take-out Double: A Bridge Mystery
Priebe, Jim                             Novice+           Entertainment
Takeout Doubles
Blubaugh, John                     Novice                 Competitive
Tale of Old Japan, A: Samurai Bridge *
MacKinnon, Robert               Novice+              Entertainment
Tales From The Bridge Table: Contract Bridge 1925 to 1995
Clay, John                              Novice+            Entertainment
Tales of the Club Expert
Tait, Jimmy                            Novice+            Entertainment
Tales Out of School
Silver, David                           Novice+           Entertainment
TANC Bidding: The Offensive
Antoff, Theo                          Advanced      Conventions
Task Masters: Strategic ACOL Bidding *
Kambites, Andrew                 Novice+              Entertainment
Tavlings-Ledaren: Movements, A Fair Approach
Hallen, Hans-Olof                  Advanced      Laws
Teaching Bridge: How To Do It Better
Sydnor, Caroline                   Advanced      General
Test Your Bridge Judgment
Rigal, Barry                           Advanced      General
Test Your Bridge Play: Volume 1
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Bridge Play: Volume 2
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 1
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 2
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 3
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 4
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 5
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 6
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Reading
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Test Your Communications
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate   Declarer
Test Your Defense: Where The Points Are Won
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced     Defender
Test Your Defensive Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Defender
Test Your Elimination Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Match Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Test Your Pairs Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Test Your Percentages
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Test Your Play as Declarer: Volume 1
Rubens, Jeff                          Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Play as Declarer: Volume 2
Rubens, Jeff                          Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Safety Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced     Declarer
Test Your Skill Against the Experts: Famous Bidding Decisions *
Reese, Terence                    Advanced      Bidding
Test your skill against the master's winning way to play and defend: Charles H. Goren's 100 challenging bridge hands for you to enjoy *
Goren, Charles                      Advanced
Test Your Timing
Rubens, Jeff                          Advanced     Declarer
Test Your Trump Control
Rubens, Jeff                          Advanced      Declarer
Textbook on Psychology, A: Finer Arts of Bridge: The *
Mollo, Victor                          Advanced      General
That Elusive Extra Trick
Reese, Terence                    Advanced      Declarer
That Extra Trick
Rendel, Robert                     Advanced      Declarer
Theory of Bidding, The
Squire, Norman                    Advanced      Bidding
There Must Be a Way
Diosy, Andrew                      Advanced       Play
Thinking on Defense: The Art of Visualization in Bridge
Priebe, Jim                             Advanced      Defender
Those Extra Chances in Bridge
Reese, Terence                    Advanced       Play
Tickets to the Devil
Powell, Richard                     Novice+            Entertainment
Tiger Bridge Revisited
Flint, Jeremy                          Novice+            Entertainment
Tips for Tops
Rosencrantz, George          Advanced      General
To Bid Or Not To Bid: The Law of Total Tricks                      ABTA Book of Year 1992,
Cohen, Larry                         Advanced      Competitive                  50,000+ sold
Tops and Bottoms
Granovetter, Pamela           Novice+            Entertainment
Tough Game: Sequel to Author's Test Your Match Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      General
Tournament Acol
Bird, David                             Intermediate   General
Tournament and Duplicate Bridge: A Complete Textbook and Guide for Directors of Duplicate Bridge Contest
Beynon, George                   Advanced       Laws
Tournament by Tournament: Record run 3584.26 *
Blake, Kay                             Novice+               Entertainment
Tournament Bridge: An Uncensored Memoir
Machlin, Jerome                    Novice+            Entertainment
Treasure Makers, The
Granovetter, Matt                Novice+            Entertainment
Trick by Trick: Winning Bridge *
Klinger, Ron                          Advanced      Play
Tricky Game, The
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Tricky Game: Deceptive Plays to Winning Bridge, The
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Triple Squeezes
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
True Bridge Humor
Lawrence, Mike                    Novice+            Entertainment
Ultimate Club
Becker, Mike                         Advanced       Conventions *
Uncensored Memoir, An: Tournament Bridge *
Machlin, Jerome                   Novice+             Entertainment
Uncontested Auctions - Volume 1: Better Bidding With Bergen *
Bergen, Marty                       Advanced      Bidding
Uncontested Auction, The: Mike Lawrence's Bidding Quizzes I *
Lawrence, Mike                    Advanced      General
Underhanded Bridge: A Hilarious Handbook of Devious Diversions and Strategems for Winning at Bridge
Sohl, Jerry                             Novice+               Entertainment
Understanding Bidding Foundations
Kleinman, Danny                   Advanced     Bidding
Understanding The Contested Auction
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Competitive
Understanding The Uncontested Auction
Klinger, Ron                          Advanced      Bidding
Unholy History of Contract Bridge, An: The Walk of the Oysters *
Mackey, Rex                          Novice+              Entertainment
Unholy Tricks: More Miraculous Card Play
Reese, Terence                    Novice+               Entertainment 
Using Poker Tactics in Contract Bridge: 100 Bridge Problems *
Cappelletti, Mike                   Advanced
     Bidding                      Amazon Top 100
Useful Space Principles and Transfer Advantages of Overcalls
Ruben, Jeff                            Advanced     Conventions
Venice, Italy: 1988 World Championship *
Francis, Henry                      Advanced
Victor Mollo's Bridge Club: How to Turn Masterful Plays into Monstrous Points
Mollo, Victor                          Novice+                      Entertainment
Victor Mollo's Bridge Quiz Book : The Shortest Cut to Expert Play
Mollo, Victor                          Advanced       Play
Victor Mollo's Winning Double: The Shortest Cut to Expert Play
Mollo, Victor                          Advanced      Bidding
Vienna System of Contract Bridge, The
Stern, Paul                            Advanced      Conventions
Viking Precision Club, The
Groetheim, Glenn                 Advanced      Conventions
Volmac Precision System
Garozzo, Benito                    Advanced     Conventions
Walk of the Oysters, The: An Unholy History of Contract Bridge
Mackey, Rex                          Novice+              Entertainment
Watson's Classic Book on the Play of the Hand at Bridge                      Amazon top 25
Watson, Louis                        Advanced     Play
Wei of Good Bridge, The
Wei-Sender, Kathie              Novice+           Entertainment
Where The Points Are Won: Test Your Defense *
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced     Defender
Who Dealt This Mess
Webster, Harold                   Novice+            Entertainment
Why Women Lose At Bridge
Nicholson, Joyce                   Novice+            Entertainment
Win the Bermuda Bowl With Me
Meckstroth, Jeff                    Advanced     General
Win the Big Match
Pottage, Julian                      Advanced     Play
Win With Romex: The Key to Accurate Bidding
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced     Conventions
Winners and Losers at the Bridge Table
Goldman, Bobby                    Novice+           Entertainment
Winning Bridge in the Menagerie
Mollo, Victor                           Novice+           Entertainment
Winning Bridge: Trick by Trick
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Play
Winning Contract Bridge Complete
Kaplan, Edgar                        Intermediate  General
Winning Declarer Play                                                                              Amazon Top 50
Truscott, Dorothy                 Advanced     Declarer
World Championship Pairs Bridge
Klinger, Ron                          Advanced      General
World Class: Conversations with the Bridge Masters
Smith, Marc                           Novice+            Entertainment
You Can Play And Laugh
Phillips, Hubert                      Novice+              Entertainment
Yokohama: 1991 World Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
You Have to See This: 52 More Bridge Problems
Diosy, Andrew                      Advanced      Play
You Need Never Lose at Bridge
Mollo, Victor                           Novice+              Entertainment
Your Deal, Mr Bond
King, Philip                             Novice+              Entertainment

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