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Name: Murder In The Menagerie
Author: Mollo, Victor
Target Audience: Novice+
Category: Entertainment
Pages: 160 Date: 2003

Synopsis: This is the seventh book in the incomparable Menagerie series. Everyone believed that when Victor Mollo died, the chance of any more books featuring the Hideous Hog, the Rueful Rabbit and their friends died with him. Now, many of Mollo’s later Menagerie articles have been turned into book form by Robert and Phillip King, co-authors with Mollo on Winning Bridge in the Menagerie and collaborators on Bridge in the Fifth Dimension. The Hog, insufferable and all but insuperable, brings off one coup after another and seldom fails to triumph over his hated rival, Papa the Greek. Neither is a match for the Rabbit, for though R.R. rarely knows what he is doing or why, he is invariably saved from himself by the most accomplished guardian angel in the business.

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