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Name: Probabilities & Alternatives in Bridge
Author: Vivaldi, Antonio
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: General
Pages: 128 Date: 2003

Synopsis: Imagination and inference are necessary in bridge, but so is the calculation of odds and percentages. This book shows you when and how to make such calculations at the table and when to let imagination, deduction and inference take over.  Divided into three parts, this book covers: The key elements affecting bridge probabilities, such as the principle of restricted choice, the theory of vacant places and the way in which different chances can interact with each other.  Thirteen carefully selected hands, which illustrate in detail the assessment of probabilities and alternatives at bridge, although the authors always emphasize that inference and deduction are more important than mere percentages.  A reference guide for calculating specific chances. For example, how the chances of a three-three break can change after the position in other suits becomes known.  An indispensable guide to all bridge players who want to improve their game.  Antonio Vivaldi is a former European champion, has been runner-up in the World Championships twice, and, with Enza Rossano, won the World Mixed Pairs in 1998. Gianni Barracho won the Italian bridge second division in 1982 and is an expert on quantum mechanics.

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