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Our Bridge Blog Archives:
 "Polling You"
Hands of the Week
Playing Duplicate Bridge and Contract Bridge is a game full of opportunities to make decisions.  Bridge Instruction including bidding and play survey questions to help improve your Bridge game.  Here's how it works:
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Intermediate - competitive players moving up.  Intermediate players have been playing Bridge for some time, perhaps having read a few Bridge books, read newspaper columns, or have used a teacher to improve their skills.  Intermediates who play Duplicate Bridge are at or near the Life Master category.

Understanding the Bridge Environmental Factors
Hand evaluation: Law of Total Tricks, Losing Trick Count
Conventions to handle many everyday situations
Declarer techniques - take playing tricks with thought and tools
Defender techniques - more on leads, signals, and strategies
Laws you should know: common infractions





Advanced -  For Duplicate tournament-level and serious money Rubber Bridge players.  Players at this level really know their stuff.  The Advanced player seeks new methods to further improve bidding accuracy, handle difficult bidding scenarios, and looks for new ways to squeeze out additional tricks.

Conventions to handle most every situation
Difficult play scenarios for the declarer and defender
Count, Count, Count - points, honors and intermediates, suits
Make the Laws your friend
Understanding your partner
Having fun with Bridge jargon



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