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Name: Having Nun, Partner?
Author: Bird, David
Target Audience: Novice+
Category: Entertainment
Pages: Date: 2000

Synopsis: David Bird, famous worldwide for his many books on the bridge-playing monks of St Titus, moves the action to the Convent of St Hilda's. The novices live in continual fear of the 82-year-old Mother of Discipline, dreading the appearance of her punishment book. ('I assume you're aware of our strict rule about opening on fewer than twelve points, Sister Colleen?'). Sister Myrtle, blissfully unaware that she is the Convent's worst player, has been putting on weight recently. ('The manager told me there was no demand for Size 22 nightdresses. Can you believe that?') Once a week the bearded Father O'Regan visits the Convent to hear the nuns' confessions. Can he be trusted to maintain confidentiality on the novices' indiscretions, or will the news filter back to the Mother of Discipline? The Convent first team, captained by the Mother Superior, plays a series of hilarious matches against colorful opponents. In the Gold Cup they face a team of eccentric dons from Balliol College, Oxford. Another highlight is a match against the monks of St Titus, for the Martyr's Platter. Who will lift the trophy, the 14th century worm-ridden platter rimmed with silver? Existing fans of David Bird's writing will know what to expect - an exhilarating blend of excellent bridge and a hugely amusing narrative.



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