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Privacy Statement



BridgeHands never sells or shares customer information with anyone or other companies, except as required by the laws of the United States or the State of California under court orders.  We are committed to retaining your confidence and assure you that any information provided remains safe and confidential.  Customer information includes but is not limited to:

Names, addresses, telephone numbers, EMAIL addresses and content, purchases, buying patterns or history, webpages visited, and other personal information (credit information, ID/passwords, etc)

Any information sent to BridgeHands remains confidential, except in association with BridgeHands services or products where its customers specifically release the use of information.  Examples where customers may release information include:

Website Hosting

BridgeHands customers, affiliates, representatives or the like are forbidden to upload private customer information on the BridgeHands website which they may have been received through external sources, excepting customer information they have expressly agreed to allow for public view (such as a Bridge Club's member listing).

BridgeHands does not engage in, support, nor permit unsolicited "spam" EMAIL, junk mail, or telephone solicitations to its customers.

Please refer to BridgeHands Disclaimer

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