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Name: Improve Your Partner's Defence
Author: Kelsey, Hugh & Matheson, John
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Defender
Pages: Date: 1988

Synopsis: Learn to remove the pressure on partner so that partner can defend more accurately. In most games it is a matter of every man for himself, and there is no-one else to blame if things go badly. Bridge is different in that it is a partnership game. This can be rewarding but it is often the source of great frustration. We all know that partners are unreliable. If you are a good defender, you will probably be convinced that you would figure more frequently in the prize list if only your partner were less prone to defensive accidents. What can be done about partner's lamentable tendency to do wrong thing if given half a chance? Hugh Kelsey holds the revolutionary view that when partner mis-defends it will frequently be your fault. In this book he explains, with the help of many fine examples, a number of ways in which you can relieve the pressure and help partner to defend more accurately. It is mostly a matter of looking at each situation from partner's viewpoint as well as your own. Once you have identified his problem you will be half-way towards finding a solution.

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