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Name: Preempts From A to Z
Author: Andersen, Ron & Zenkel, Sabine
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Bidding
Pages: 290 Date: 1993

Synopsis: This book covers preemptive bids from the traditional weak two-bids through five-level minor suit openings. In the second part all the conventional modern preempts are reviewed. "The first books to 'tell it like it is' on preemptive tactics used in the modern era--from standard weak twos to the Star Wars 'conventional' preempts of today's experts. Will add new zest to your preemption tactics while improving your defense against enemy preempts." (Paul Soloway) "Preempts From A to Z is designed for all bridge players--from novice to expert, from casual social players to serious students of the game." (Jeff Meckstroth/Eric Rodwell) "If more of my opponents at the bridge table used the tactics described in Preempts From A to Z, golf would be my #1 game and receive my undivided attention." (Zia Mahmood)

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