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Name: How to Play Card Combinations
Author: Lawrence, Mike
Popularity: Amazon top 25
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Declarer
Pages: 227 Date: 1989

Synopsis: 52 hands presented as problems. Discusses the proper way to play each combination. Each hand concludes with further analysis. Unlocks the secrets of card combinations with the correct sequence of play. Award winning guide to the best way of handling combinations of cards in different situations. Each chapter takes a principle, helps the reader understand it, and gives examples, plus a quiz on the subject. You are in four hearts with A432 in your hand opposite the KJ86 in dummy - How do you play the trump suit? You won't believe the number of ways that exist. This book looks at common card combinations and shows you how circumstances cause you to change your play from one hand to the next. On a given hand, it might be right to play the ace and then finesse. On another layout, the correct play may be to play the ace and king, refusing the finesse. As you will see, very few things about this game are absolute.

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