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Name: Great Bridge Conspiracy, The
Author: Quinn, Terry
Target Audience: Novice+
Category: Entertainment
Pages: 393 Date: 2001

Synopsis: The Great Bridge Conspiracy chronicles the espionage and card playing exploits of Captain Diggery Piper -- a flamboyant expert first created by Terry Quinn for a serial in Games Magazine. Just as Carroll's Through the Looking Glass and Nabokov's The Defense are structured in accordance with the rules and logic of chess, so Quinn has patterned the action of this swift-paced, suspenseful tale on the psychological intricacies of bridge, craftily building a house of cards that tumbles into a surprise ending. Bridge fanatic, Terry Kane, who unwittingly stumbles into the midst of an international undercover Interpol sting and decides that in order to calm his anxiety he must write about it. Most of the book is Kane's first-person diary account of the circumstances surrounding his involvement with the actual Interpol employees, who are carefully winding their way through the preliminary matches of the Grand National Team Knockout tournament in order to reach the final and flush out their prey. In order to tell his story, Kane leads the reader through the tournament, bridge-hand by bridge-hand, and any reader who enjoys newspaper bridge columns will devour the knowledgeable and witty analysis of the twenty or so full bridge hands that Kane weaves into his narrative.

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