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Targeted to meet your needs

BridgeHands eMagazine Newsletter offers free EMAIL Bridge instruction newsletters.

In our early years, BridgeHands eMagazine Newsletter was provided for:
 - Newcomer and Novice (see Social below): for entry level and emerging players - Ideal for the social Rubber Bridge and Contract Bridge players as well as the upcoming Non-Life Master Duplicate Bridge players. 
- Intermediate and Advanced (see Advanced below): for competitive and Duplicate Bridge tournament players. typically playing at the Life Master and above ACBL Masterpoint level.

Around 2005, we have re-focused our energies toward our online Polling You, Social and Advanced video lessons.  We still use our eMagazine Newsletter list to provide a brief overview of each episode along with links to our new videos.  By subscribing to our list, we will keep you informed as we release each new video episode.

In 2020, once again we refocused our efforts to better serve you.  Now our entire video lessons are available in a more robust, user-friendly viewing format at:


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Let BridgeHands enlighten and entertain you with interesting Bridge information

While BridgeHands no longer supports our prior  eMagazine articles, we continue to make our archive articles available for your use and will continue to email you notification for upcoming LiveStream videos for our paid and free members:

Interactive LiveStreams on YouTube and Facebook!
Hand evaluation, Bridge bidding, play, common Bridge conventions, Laws, etc.
Highlights and links to free audio interviews with Bridge teaching and playing pros.


Did you miss a prior issue of eMagazine Newsletter?  Or perhaps want to peek inside one of our issues to see what you have been missing?  No problem - please come on by and
 See our BridgeHands Newsletter archive now!!!


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