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Name: Destiny at Bay: More Magic from Mollo's Menagerie
Author: Mollo, Victor
Target Audience: Novice+
Category: Entertainment
Pages: 207 Date: 2003

Synopsis: Join the Griffins, the bridge club where all the members have star parts to play, and take up arms in the great battle between Predestination and Freewill. Brilliant plays in attack and defense, devilís coups and smothers, squeezes and endplays, scissors and upper-cuts, are all seen against a background of human follies and foibles. Psychology and imagination, no less than science and technique, light up the scene. In this, the fifth title in the Menagerie series, you meet again the Rueful Rabbit, luckiest of mortals; Karapet, the unluckiest player since job; and Walter the Walrus, the point-count specialist. With Papaís arrogance, the Toucanís humility, the secretary Birdís pedantry and Molly the Muleís rampant feminism, they make every deal vibrate and sparkle. The Hideous Hog remains all but insufferable as he clashes daily with destiny, and in the final episode confronts the prince of darkness himself

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