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Name: Bridge: Defence in Depth: How to Beat Cast-Iron Contracts
Author: Hoffman, Martin & Reese, Terence
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Defender
Pages: 176 Date: 2003

Synopsis: Defense is perhaps the most difficult area of bridge, requiring both halves of a partnership to be on the same wavelength. The declarer has an in-built advantage in that he does not have to signal his holdings to the dummy and for the defenders to reconstruct the hidden hands is consequently more difficult.  However, to arrive at his contract, the declarer will have made at least one bid, and information can be gleaned from the bids selected or not selected. The rest of the problem is piecing together the jigsaw form limited information and making assumptions that are necessary for the contract to be defeated.  By using hands from major events, the authors take you through their thought processes at the table and give you ideas that will help stimulate the imagination required to defeat even the most impregnable of contracts.

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