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Name: Play With The Champions
Author: Klinger, Ron
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Play
Pages: 176 Date: 2004

Synopsis: This book gives you the unique experience of playing at championship level and learning to think like an expert. It consists of hands that the stars of the bridge world have played at top-level competition. Most of the time they have performed admirably; occasionally they have slipped. When the latter occurs, the deal appears in this book not to point the finger but for its instructive value. On each deal readers are asked at various stages what they would bid or play next. This format, known as a ‘Bridge Movie’, enables readers to come to their own decision before reading further and seeing the recommended bid or play. Thanks to this approach, readers will soon find themselves thinking along the lines that would be going through the mind of the expert, and greatly improve their game. The featured deals are not complex and the analysis focuses on judgment and sound, basic technique.

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