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Name: Precision Bidding and Precision Play
Author: Reese, Terence
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: General
Pages: 162 Date: 1980

Synopsis: Three years ago a bombshell exploded in the world of tournament bridge. A team from Nationalist China, chosen from just a few hundred enthusiasts, finished second to Italy in the world championship - ahead of North America, which counts on five million tournament players. A year later China repeated this remarkable achievement. That was the beginning of a revolution in bridge. The Chinese players were using a new bidding system called 'Precision', devised by C. C. Wei, who owns oil-tankers and promotes bridge as a hobby. Players all over the world, including the British international team, have taken up the system. Many observers are convinced that a mass movement is on the way and that players at every level will change from standard methods to Precision. In his book Terence Reese, Britain's leading authority on the Precision system, has written a version which is easy to learn yet worked out in sufficient detail to be adopted in tournament play at the highest level. Many of the bidding examples include points of play, which accounts for the book's title.

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