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Name: More Killing Defence at Bridge
Author: Kelsey, Hugh
Popularity: Amazon top 50
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Defender
Pages: 192 Date: 2003

Synopsis: This sequel to Hugh Kelsey's bestselling classic 'Killing Defence at Bridge' focuses on the importance of what to discard and how to control options in defense How many times have you found yourself defending and wriggling with anguish at having to discard apparently certain winners? Hugh Kelsey's target here is to help you avoid such pain - and other agonies that a competent declarer may inflict. Sound defense is the hallmark of the accomplished bridge player and consistent performance, at any game, is only achieved through repeated practice. By helping you to develop insights into the hidden possibilities in the lie and play of the cards, this book will make you a sought-after partner - and a respected (and feared!) opponent.

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