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Name: Precision System of Contract Bridge Bidding: Charles H. Goren Presents
Author: Goren, Charles
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Conventions
Pages: Date: 1971

Synopsis: This is a first. For those players who use, or wish to try, a 1 club forcing opening bid. Charles H. Goren has now given his approval to a system - the "Precision" created by C. C. Wei. Goren likes Precision because: 1. It is simple : The average bridge player can switch to Precision with three easy changes from what he has always played; 2. It is effective : The World Championship record of Italian teams using a 1 club opening bid is unparalleled. But the Italian players were and are individual stars. "Precision" has taken lesser players to one U. S. National Team and two Far Eastern Team titles, as well as to runner-up spots in the World Championship of 1969 and 1970; 3. It covers every rage precisely : You can tell from partner's opening bid whether he has 11 to 15 points; 13 to 15; 16 or more. In other words, you can judge almost immediately whether your combined hands should be bid to part score, game, or slam; 4. You can develop it : Carry Precision beyond its simple basics and you can transmit an enormous amount of precise information about points, distribution, key cards, etc. But you need add these refinements only when and if you choose. Knowing only the fundamentals will let you play "1 club forcing" as it should be played.

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