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Kambites, Andrew                Intermediate   Play
Card Placing for You
Kambites, Andrew                Intermediate   Defender
Defensive Skills For You
Kambites, Andrew                Intermediate   General
Duplicate Pairs For You
Kambites, Andrew                Intermediate  Defender
Signals and Discards For You
Kambites, Andrew               Intermediate   Bidding
Slam Bidding For You
Kambites, Andrew                Novice+              Entertainment
Strategic ACOL Bidding: Task Masters
Kantar, Eddie                         Novice                  Bidding
Bridge Bidding Made Easy
Kantar, Eddie                         Intermediate    Conventions
Bridge Conventions: A Guide to Understanding Techniques of Modern Bidding
Kantar, Eddie                        Newcomer              General                 Amazon #1 book
Bridge for Dummies                                                             ABTA Book of the Year 1997
Kantar, Eddie                         Novice+               Entertainment
Classic Kantar: A Collection of Bridge Humor
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate   Defender
Defensive Bridge Play Complete
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate    Defender
Defensive Tips for Bad Card Holders
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced      Defender                    Amazon top 25
Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced      Defender                    Amazon top 25
Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate   Defender
Eddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced      Bidding
Expert's Guide to Improving Your Bidding Skills, An
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced       Bidding
Forcing Pass in Contract Bridge
Kantar, Eddie                        Novice+               Entertainment
Funny Stories from the Bridge Table: Best of Eddie Kantar
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate    Play
Gamesman Bridge: Play Better with Kantar
Kantar, Eddie                         Novice                 Declarer
Introduction to Declarer's Play
Kantar, Eddie                         Novice                 Defender
Introduction to Defender's Play
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced       Defender
Kantar for the Defense: Volume 1
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced       Defender
Kantar for the Defense: Volume 2 - A New Approach to Play
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate    General
Kantar Lessons: I                                                                 ABTA Book of the Year 1996
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate    General
Kantar Lessons: II                                                               ABTA Book of the Year 1996
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate    General
Kantar Lessons: III                                                             ABTA Book of the Year 1996
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate    General
Kantar Lessons: IV                                                              ABTA Book of the Year 1996
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate    General
Kantar On Kontract
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate   Defender
New Approach to Play and Defense, A: Volume 1
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate   Defender
New Approach to Play and Defense, A: Volume 2
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced         Conventions             Amazon top 100
Roman Keycard Blackwood
Kantar, Eddie                         Intermediate  Declarer
Take Your Tricks: Over 550 Declare Play Tips (600 Declarer Play Tips) You Can Take to the Bank
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Bridge Play: Volume 1
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Bridge Play: Volume 2
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate   General
Treasury of Bridge Tips: 540 Bidding Tips to Improve Your Partner's Game
Kaplan, Edgar                        Intermediate    General
Bridge Master: The Best of Edgar Kaplan
Kaplan, Edgar                        Intermediate   Competitive
Competitive Bidding in Modern Bridge
Kaplan, Edgar                       Advanced          General
Complete Italian System of Winning Bridge, The
Kaplan, Edgar                        Advanced      Laws
Director's Guide
Kaplan, Edgar                       Advanced       Conventions
Kaplan-Sheinwold Updated
Kaplan, Edgar                        Novice                General
Winning Contract Bridge
Kaplan, Edgar                        Intermediate  General
Winning Contract Bridge Complete
Kaplan, Edgar                        Advanced     Play
How To Play Winning Bridge
Kaplan, Edgar                       Advanced       Conventions
Kaplan-Sheinwold System of Winning Bridge, The
Kaplan, Jim                             Novice                 Entertainment
JACK Who Would Be KING, The
Kaplan, Jim                            Intermediate   Bidding
Raising Your Bridge
Karpin, Fred                          Intermediate    Entertainment
Art of Card Reading, The
Karpin, Fred                           Advanced        Play
Bridge Strategy at Trick One
Karpin, Fred                          Advanced      Play
Contract Bridge: Play of the Cards
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate   Declarer
Drawing of Trumps and Its Postponement, The
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate   General
Finesse, The: How to Win More Tricks More Often
Karpin, Fred                           Advanced     Declarer
How to Play Slam Contracts
Karpin, Fred                          Novice                  General
Karpin Point Count System of Contract Bridge
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate  Play
Play of the Cards, The: Self Quizzes at Bridge
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate  General
Psychological Strategy in Contract Bridge: The Techniques of Deception and Harassment in Bidding and Play
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate  General
Winning Play in Contract Bridge: Strategy at Trick One
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate  General
Winning Play in Tournament and Duplicate Bridge: How the Experts Triumph
Kauder, James                      Intermediate    General
Bridge Philosopher, The
Kauder, James                      Intermediate   Play
Creative Card Play: The Cure for Unimaginative Bridge
Kay, Norman                         Intermediate   General                       Amazon top 50
Complete Book of Duplicate Bridge, The
Kearse, Amalya                     Intermediate    General
Bridge at Your Fingertips
Kearse, Amalya                     Advanced       Conventions
Bridge Conventions Complete
Kelsey, Hugh                         Novice                  General
101 Bridge Maxims
Kelsey, Hugh                         Newcomer             Bidding
Acol Bridge for Bright Beginners
Kelsey, Hugh                         Novice                  Bidding
Acol Bridge For Bright Improvers
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced       Play
Advanced Play At Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced       Play
Adventures in Card Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced        General
Bridge for the Connoisseur
Kelsey, Hugh                          Intermediate     General
Bridge Quiz for Improving Players
Kelsey, Hugh                          Intermediate    General
Bridge Odds for Practical Players
Kelsey, Hugh                          Advanced       General
Bridge Wizardry
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced       General
Bridge, The Mind of the Expert
Kelsey, Hugh                          Intermediate   General
Challenge Match
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced       Play
Countdown to Better Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Deceptive Plays in Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced       Play
Double Squeezes
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      General
How to Improve Your Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Defender
Improve Your Opening Leads
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Defender
Improve Your Partner's Defence
Kelsey, Hugh                         Novice                   Bidding
Instant Guide to Standard Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced       Defender
Killing Defence at Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced         Play
Logical Bridge Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced       General
Master Point Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate   Defender
Master Signals: Mini-Master
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate    Bidding
Master Slam Bidding: Mini-Masters Series
 Kelsey, Hugh                        Intermediate   General
Match Point Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                          Advanced      Defender                  Amazon top 50
More Killing Defence at Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      General
Needle Match, The
Kelsey, Hugh                         Novice                  Bidding
New Instant Guide to Bridge, Acol Bids, Responses, Leads and Plays
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced         General
Sharpen Your Bridge Technique: How to Think Like an Expert
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced         Declarer
Simple Squeezes
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate   Bidding
Slam Bidding
Kelsey, Hugh                         Novice                 General
Start Bridge the Easy Way
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced         Play
Strip Squeezes
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 1
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 2
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 3
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 4
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 5
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Card Play 6
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Test Your Card Reading
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate   Declarer
Test Your Communications
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Defender
Test Your Defensive Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Test Your Elimination Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate   Declarer
Test Your Finessing
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Test Your Pairs Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Test Your Percentages
Kelsey, Hugh                          Advanced     Declarer
Test Your Safety Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      General
Tough Game: Sequel to Author's Test Your Match Play
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Tricky Game, The
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Play
Tricky Game: Deceptive Plays to Winning Bridge, The
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      Declarer
Triple Squeezes
Kelsey, Hugh                          Intermediate  Play
Winning Card Play
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate     General
Bridge quiz: 300 problems in play
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate   Play
Contract Bridge: How to Play It
Kempson, Ewart                   Novice                 Play
First Pocket Book of Bridge Problems
Kempson, Ewart                   Novice+               Entertainment
Kempson on Contract
Kempson, Ewart                    Novice                 Play
More Bridge Quizzes: First Book of Bridge Problems
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate  Conventions
Quintessence of CAB, The: The CAB System of Bridge
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate   Play
Second Book of Bridge Problems
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate   General
Tournament Bridge for Everyone
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate   Play
Single Dummy Plays
Kichline, J                               Advanced       General
Bridging the Gap: Make the Leap From Intermediate to Expert Level
Kierein, John                          Advanced      Bidding
Big Clubs Little Notrump
Kierein, John                         Intermediate    Bidding
Kamikaze No Trump: You ought to bid an average hand *
Kierein, John                         Intermediate   Bidding
You Ought to Bid an Average Hand Featuring the Kamikaze No Trump
King, Jack                              Novice+               Entertainment
Squeeze in Valhalla
King, Jim                                 Novice                 General
Back To Basics: Simple Minded Bridge
King, Philip                             Novice+               Entertainment
Contract Killers
King, Philip                             Novice+               Entertainment
Farewell My Dummy, and Other Bridge Parodies
King, Philip                             Novice+               Entertainment
Hog In The 21st Century, The: The Latest Adventures of Mollo's Menagerie
King, Philip                         Novice+              Entertainment
King's Tales, The
King, Philip                             Novice+               Entertainment
New King's Tales, The
King, Philip                              Novice+              Entertainment
Play it Again, Slam
King, Philip                             Novice+              Entertainment
Your Deal, Mr Bond
Kirkpatric, James                  Intermediate     General
Bestiary of Bridge, A
Kleinman, Danny
365 Winning Bridge Tips      Intermediate     General
Kleinman, Danny                  Novice+               Entertainment
Advice To The Bridgelorn
Kleinman, Danny                   Intermediate    General
Bridge In The Real World
Kleinman, Danny                   Novice+                 Entertainment
Bridge Scandal in Houston
Kleinman, Danny                   Intermediate    General
Building Better Bridge
Kleinman, Danny                  Intermediate   Bidding
It's a Bidder's Game
Kleinman, Danny                  Advanced       General
Master Solvers Archives: 1985-1987
Kleinman, Danny                   Advanced      Bidding
No Trump Zone, The
Kleinman, Danny                   Advanced        General
Kleinman, Danny                   Advanced     Bidding
Understanding Bidding Foundations
Kleinman, Danny                   Novice+              Entertainment
Principle of Restricted Talent, The
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate    General
100 Winning Bridge Tips for the Improving Player
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate    General
100 Winning Duplicate Tips: For the Improving Tournament Player
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate    Conventions
20 Great Conventions Flipper
Klinger, Ron                          Novice                  Bidding
5 Card Majors
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate   General
50 More Winning Bridge Tips: For the Improving Tournament Player
Klinger, Ron                           Novice                 General                Over 160,000 sold
Acol Bridge Flipper
Klinger, Ron                           Newcomer             Bidding
Acol Bridge Made Easy
Klinger, Ron                           Novice                  Bidding
Basic Acol Bridge Flipper
Klinger, Ron                           Novice                  General
Basic Bridge: A Guide to Good Acol Bidding and Play
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   General
Best Book of Bridge 2003, The
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate    General
Better Bridge With A Better Memory: How Mnemonics Will Improve Your Game
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced       Bidding
Bid Better, Much Better After Opening 1 No-Trump
Klinger, Ron                           Novice                  General
Bridge Basics: An Introduction to Good Bridge
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate    Conventions
Bridge Conventions For You
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced       Conventions
Bridge Conventions, Defences and Countermeasures
Klinger, Ron                           Newcomer              General
Bridge for Children: Teach Your Child Bridge
Klinger, Ron                           Newcomer              General
Bridge in Easy Stages
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate     General
Bridge is Fun: Learn and Laugh with Ron Klinger
Klinger, Ron                           Novice+                Entertainment 
Bridge Player Who Laughed, The
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate    General
Bridge Without Error
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced      Bidding
Cue Bidding to Slams
Klinger, Ron                           Novice            General
Duplicate Bridge Flipper
Klinger, Ron                          Novice                   Bidding
Five Card Majors Bidding Flipper
Klinger, Ron                           Novice                 General
Five-Card Majors
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate Bidding
Guide to Better ACOL Bridge
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Play
Guide to Better Bridge
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate Play
Guide to Better Card Play                                                    ABTA Book of the Year 1991
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   General
Guide to Better Duplicate Bridge
Klinger, Ron                         Intermediate Bidding
How Good Is Your Bridge Hand
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Declarer
Know Your Suit Combinations: Card Play Made Easy - 2
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate    Play                         Amazon top 100
Improve Your Bridge Memory
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Conventions
Medium Club Relay
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Competitive
Master Doubles: Mini-Master
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Play
Master Play at Trick 1
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate Bidding                         Amazon top 50
Modern Losing Trick Count
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate Bidding
Modern Losing Trick Count Flipper
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced      Play
Play With The Champions
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate    General
Playing to Win at Bridge: Practical Problems for the Improving Player
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Bidding
Power ACOL: The Art of Being Lucky
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced      Bidding                      Amazon top 50
Power of Shape, The
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Bidding
Power System, The
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate    Bidding
Practical Slam Bidding
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate  General
Ron Klinger Answers Your Bridge Queries
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate  General
Ron Klinger's Master Class
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate    Declarer
Safety Plays and Endplays: Card Play Made Easy - 1
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate   Play
Timing and Communication: Card Play Made Easy - 4
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate   Declarer
Trump Management: Card Play Made Easy - 3
Klinger, Ron                           Novice                 General
Understanding Duplicate Pairs
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate  Bidding
Understanding Slam Bidding
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Competitive
Understanding The Contested Auction
Klinger, Ron                          Advanced      Bidding
Understanding The Uncontested Auction
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate  Competitive
When to Bid, When to Pass                                                                      Amazon top 100
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Play
Winning Bridge: Trick by Trick
Klinger, Ron                          Advanced      General
World Championship Pairs Bridge

Kokish, Eric                            Advanced       General
10th World Bridge Team Olympiad: Rhodes, Greece - 1996

Konstam, K                            Novice                 General
Know the Game - Contract Bridge
Kornfeld, Morris                    Intermediate     Conventions
Bridge Players Digest of Conventions


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