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Name: Modern Losing Trick Count
Author: Klinger, Ron
Popularity: Amazon top 50
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Bidding
Pages: 144 Date: 2001

Synopsis: The cornerstone to bidding skill is accurate valuation of your cards Most players feel they have done all they need to as soon as they have counted their high card points. No wonder their result are so haphazard when they miss out on one of the great challenges of the game. This book helps you: * Bid games easily and confidently with no more than 20 points; * Find slams quickly and efficiently with 26 points and even less; * Reach grand slams on 30 points and less without the slightest trepidation; * Stop conveniently at a low level when despite an apparently high point count you can assess simply that the values for game or slam are not present; * Locate without difficulty those sacrifices which cost you little compared with their contract and avoid those sacrifices which are too expensive

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