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Name: Test Your Finessing
Author: Kelsey, Hugh
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Declarer
Pages: Date: 1981

Synopsis: Finessing is one of the commonest techniques in the game and is one of the most important. How much do you really know about it? Do you invariably time your finesse correctly? Are you always confident of playing the right card, or even the right suit, for a finesse? Can you tell at a glance which finesse should be taken and which rejected? If you have doubts in any of these areas, this book is for you. Author Hugh Kelsey, a grand master of bridge and a writer of world renown, invites you to test your skill in a finessing quiz which starts at a comfortable level but quickly becomes tougher. The problems have been chosen to cover a wide range of situations where a finesse may or may not be required, and a study of them will bring both pleasure and profit.

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