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Name: Take Your Tricks: Over 550 Declare Play Tips (600 Declarer Play Tips) You Can Take to the Bank
Author: Kantar, Eddie
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Declarer
Pages: 224 Date: 2001

Synopsis: Acclaimed bridge expert Eddie Kantar offers valuable warm-up tips along with card combinations and safety plays. This book focuses on the "play of the hand". I have written another book of tips, this one on the play of the hand. The book is aimed at almost any player beneath "expert" level who genuinely wishes to improve his or her game a notch or three. Unlike the bidding tips book, these tips are not controversial. You can take them to the bank. With over 550 tips coming at you, you can be sure some of them have appeared in print before. Most have not. As I was writing this book I saw a common thread emerging. If you seriously wish to improve your play of the hand you must: (1) learn to look at the hand as an entire unit, trying not to focus on just one suit; (2) form some battle plan;.(3) pay attention to their bids and PASSES; (4) watch their leads and signals; (5) give sensible opponents credit for having some reason behind their plays: (6) know how to force defensive errors; (7) count everything in sight, their points, their distribution, and their tricks. And don't forget to count YOUR tricks!

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