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Name: Bridge for Dummies
Author: Kantar, Eddie
Popularity: Amazon #1 book, ABTA Book of the Year 1997
Target Audience: Newcomer
Category: General
Pages: 348 Date: 1997

Synopsis: One of the very best of thousands of books introducing the beginner to the game." Alan Truscott, Bridge Columnist, The New York Times Praise for Bridge For Dummies "Eddie Kantar has now fit his talent to the perfect format, which features laid-back bridge advice presented with his keen sense of humor." — Bobby Wolff, President, World Bridge Federation "Eddie Kantar entertains you while cutting through the complexities." — Frank R. Stewart, Bridge Columnist, Sheinwold's Bridge. Your First Aid Kit™ for understanding bridge terms and scoring. Find out how to rank, decode, and respond to bids Consider this friendly guide your bridge boot camp. From the tricks you need to know to the art of finesse, author Eddie Kantar gives you the advantage of his fifty years of experience playing this challenging game. Packed with plenty of example hands, this book will have you trumping your opponents in no time! The book includes: techniques for taking tricks in a notrump contract, counting and taking sure tricks, working with trump suits, finessing for extra winners, grasping the importance of bidding, knowing when to pass and when to rebid, slam bidding, keeping score, playing defense.

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