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Sands, Norma                        Novice                 Bidding
New Standard American Updated, The
Sands, Norma                        Novice                  Play
Playing the Cards: Developing Competence at the Bridge Table
Sands, Norma                       Novice                 Bidding
Standard American Bridge Updated: Five-Card Majors
Sands, Norma                        Novice                 Competitive
Competitive Bidding: Bridge Mini-Series: VI                      ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                       Novice                  Defender
Defensive Signals: Bridge Mini-Series: VII                        ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                        Novice                 Competitive
Double Trouble: Bridge Mini-Series: IV                             ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                        Novice                 General
Fine Tuning Your Bridge: Bridge Mini-Series: I                 ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                       Novice+               General
Later in the Auction: Bridge Mini-Series: II                       ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                        Novice                Competitive
Negative Doubles: Bridge Mini-Series: VIII                       ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                        Novice                 Defender
Opening Leads Versus Suits: Bridge Mini-Series: III      ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                        Novice                 Defender
Opening Leads Versus Tuits
Sands, Norma                       Novice                 Bidding
Slam Bidding II: Bridge Mini-Series: X                                ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                       Novice                 Bidding
Slam Bidding: Bridge Mini-Series: IX                                   ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                       Novice                 Bidding
Weak Two Bids: Bridge Mini-Series: V                               ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sarnama, P                            Intermediate   Play
One Trick Short
Saunders, P                           Intermediate    General
Bridge with a Perfect Partner
Saunders, P                           Novice+                Entertainment
Bridge with My Wife
Saxon, Burt                           Novice                  General
Go for the Gold! Becoming an ACBL Life Master
Schambelan, Bo                  Newcomer              General
Building Bridge: New, Quick, & Easy Way to Learn America's Favorite Card Game
Schapiro, Boris                      Intermediate    General
Boris Schapiro on Bridge
Schapiro, Boris                      Advanced       General
Bridge Analysis
Schenken, Howard               Advanced       Conventions
Better Bidding In 15 Minutes: Expert Bidding in a Week
Schenken, Howard               Intermediate   General
Education of a Bridge Player, The
Schenken, Howard               Advanced      Conventions
Howard Schenken's Big Club
Schenken, Howard               Intermediate  Bidding
Weak Two Bid in Bridge, The
Schuld, Frank                         Advanced        Declarer
Simple Squeeze in Bridge, The
Seabrook, Barry                    Advanced       Play
Bridge, Expert Dummy-Play
Seabrook, Barry                    Advanced       General
Bridge, From Average to Expert
Seabrook, Barry                   Advanced        Defender
Bridge, Groundwork in Play and Defence
Seagram, Barbara               Intermediate    Conventions
Four-Suit Transfers: Practice Bidding Series
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate  Conventions            Amazon Top 10
25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know                       ABTA Book of the Year 1999,
Seagram, Barbara               Advanced     Conventions
25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know
Seagram, Barbara                Advanced    Conventions               Amazon top 25
25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate  Declarer
25 Ways To Take More Tricks as Declarer
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate   Conventions
Jacoby 2NT: Practice Your Bidding
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate   General
Jacoby Transfers: Practice Your Bidding
Seagram, Barbara                Novice                  General                       Amazon top 50
Pocket Guide to Bridge, The
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate  Conventions
Roman Keycard Blackwood: Practice Your Bidding
Seagram, Barbara               Intermediate   Conventions
Splinter Bids: Practice Your Bidding
Seagram, Barbara               Novice                  Bidding
Stayman Auctions: Practice Your Bidding
Seligman, Edith                     Novice                 General
How to Bid Your Best in Bridge
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      General
1987 European Bridge Championships
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      General
1989 European Bridge Championships
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      General
1991 European Bridge Championships: Fiesch
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      General
1997 World Bridge Championship Books: Hammamet Tunisia
Senior, Brian                         Advanced      General
1998 World Bridge Championship Books: Lille France
Senior, Brian                         Advanced      General
1999 Orbis World Bridge Championship Books: Bermuda
Senior, Brian                          Advanced     General
2000 World Bridge Championship Books: Maastricht
Senior, Brian                          Advanced     General
2001 World Bridge Championship Books: Paris
Senior, Brian                          Advanced     General
2002 World Championship Books: Montreal
Senior, Brian                          Advanced     General
2003 World Bridge Championship Books: Monte Carl
Senior, Brian                         Advanced      General
42nd Generali European Bridge Championships
Amazing Book of Bridge
Senior, Brian                         Intermediate    General
Senior, Brian                          Newcomer              Bidding
Bread and Butter Bidding
Senior, Brian                          Advanced        Play
Bridge Professionals, The
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      Play
Clever Bridge Tricks
Flint, Jeremy                          Intermediate  Competitive
Competitive Bidding
Senior, Brian                         Advanced      Conventions
Conventions Today
Senior, Brian                          Novice                 General
Hand Evaluation in Bridge
Senior, Brian                          Novice                General
It's Your Lead: How to Play Bridge
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      Play
Master Counting
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      Play
Play These Hands With Brian Senior
Senior, Brian                         Intermediate    Bidding
Raising Partner
Senior, Brian                         Intermediate   General
Step By Step: Card Play in Suits
Senior, Brian                         Intermediate   Bidding
Transfer Principle, The
Seymour, Paul                       Novice                General
Simplified Bridge Auction and Contract
Sharif, Omar                          Intermediate    General
Bridge Is My Passion: An Intermediate Goren Bridge Book
Sharif, Omar                          Novice+               Entertainment
Omar Sharif's Life in Bridge
Sharif, Omar                          Intermediate   General
Play More Bridge with Omar Sharif
Sheehan, Robert              Novice                      General
Big Game, The: Rubber Bridge in a London Club
Sheehan, Robert                  Intermediate   General
Times Book of Bridge 2, The
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Novice+                Play
Bridge Play
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Novice+                Entertainment
Bridge With Algy
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Intermediate    Play
Devyn Press Book of Bridge Puzzles: Book One
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Intermediate    Play
Devyn Press Book of Bridge Puzzles: Book Two
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Intermediate    Play
Devyn Press Book of Bridge Puzzles: Book Three
Sheinwold, Alfred                  Novice               General                       Amazon top 50
Duplicate Bridge
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Newcomer              General
First Book of Bridge
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Novice                 General                        Amazon top 25
Five Weeks to Winning Bridge
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Intermediate General
How to Bid and Play in Duplicate Tournaments
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Intermediate    Play
Pocket Books of Bridge Puzzles, The
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Novice                 General
Short Cut to Winning Bridge
Shenkin, Barnet                    Advanced       General
Playing With The Bridge Legends
Shepard, Edward                  Novice                 General
Win at Bridge: Auction Bridge Made Simpler, More Definite
Silodor, Sidney                      Intermediate   General
Contract Bridge: According to Silodor and Tierney
Silver, David                          Novice+               Entertainment
Study in Silver, A
Silver, David                          Novice+               Entertainment
Study in Silver, A: A Second Collection of Bridge Stories
Silver, David                           Novice+           Entertainment
Tales Out of School
Silver, David                           Novice+                Entertainment
Bridge the Silver Way
Silverman, Shirley                Advanced       General
Advanced and Duplicate Teacher's Manual: Five Card Major Bridge Teaching Series
Silverman, Shirley                 Intermediate   General
Chicago Bridge
Silverman, Shirley                 Newcomer             Bidding
Elementary Bridge: Five Card Major Student Text
Silverman, Shirley                 Novice                 Defender
Future Champions' Series, The: XII. Introduction to Defensive Signals (pamphlet)
Silverman, Shirley                Novice                  General
Intermediate Bridge: Five Card Major Student Textbook
Silverman, Shirley                 Intermediate   Play
Play of the Hand as Declarer and Defender
Silverman, Shirley                Intermediate    General
Advanced and Duplicate Student Textbook
Simon, S. J.                            Intermediate   General
Cut for Partners
Simon, S. J.                            Intermediate   Bidding
Design For Bidding
Simon, S. J.                            Intermediate   General
Why You Lose at Bridge                                                  Voted #1 in 1994 ACBL survey
Simpson, Bill                          Advanced         Conventions
Revised Nottingham Club Bridge Bidding System, The
Sims, Philip                             Intermediate   General
Master Contract
Slawinski, Lukasz                  Advanced       Bidding
Classification of Bids
Slawinski, Lukasz                  Novice                 Bidding
Introduction to Weak Opening Systems
Slawinski, Lukasz                 Advanced         Defender
Systems in Defence
Smith, Curtis                          Intermediate    Bidding
Bidding Through Logic
Smith, Forrest                       Advanced      Declarer
Elementary Squeeze
Smith, Forrest                       Intermediate   Declarer
Sixty Hands through the Mind of Declarer
Smith, Marc                            Intermediate    Defender
Bridge Card Play: Attack and Defence
Smith, Marc                            Novice+              Entertainment
Enterprising Tales
Smith, Marc                            Novice+         Entertainment
Man Versus Machine
Smith, Marc                           Novice+            Entertainment
World Class: Conversations with the Bridge Masters
Smith, Nick                             Novice+                Entertainment
Bridge Literature
Smith, Richard                       Novice                 General
Let's Play Bridge
Smith, Robert                        Novice+         Entertainment
Mae B. Rongg's Illustrated History of Duplicate Bridge
Sneden, Lawrence                Intermediate   General
Popular Culture as Metaphor: Duplicate Bridge as a Way of Life
Sobel, Helen                          Intermediate    General
All The Tricks
Sohl, Jerry                             Novice+               Entertainment
Underhanded Bridge: A Hilarious Handbook of Devious Diversions and Strategems for Winning at Bridge
Soloman, Charles                 Intermediate   General
Hold Our Bridge Hands
Solomon, Charles                  Novice                General
How to Bid and What to Lead
Solomon, Charles                  Intermediate  Bidding
Slam Bidding and Point Count
Solomon, Peggy                    Novice+                 Entertainment
Bridge For Women
Soloway, Paul                        Novice                 Bidding
Future Champions' Series, The: V. Strong Opening Bids (pamphlet)
Sontag, Alan                          Novice+                Entertainment
Bridge Bum, The: My Life and Play
Sontag, Alan                          Advanced      Conventions
Power Precision: A Revolutionary Bridge System from a World Champion Player
Tony Sowter                          Advanced      General
1990 World Championship: Geneva
Tony Sowter                          Advanced      General
1992 World Championship Books: Salsomaggiore
Tony Sowter                          Advanced      General
1994 World Championship Books: Albuquerque
Sowtner, Tony                      Intermediate    Defender
Bridge, Improve Your Defense
Sowtner, Tony                      Intermediate    General
Bridge, Techniques and Tips From The Masters
Sowter, Tony                        Novice                  Bidding
First IPBM Book of Bidding Hands, The
Sowter, Tony                        Intermediate   Declarer
IPBM Book of Suit Combinations, The
Sowter, Tony                        Intermediate   Bidding
It's Your Bid
Sowter, Tony                         Intermediate   Defender
Opening Leads in Bridge
Sowter, Tony                        Intermediate    Play
Playing with Trumps
Sowter, Tony                        Intermediate   Competitive
Step by Step: Competitive Bidding
Sowter, Tony                        Intermediate   Bidding
Step by Step: Constructive Bidding
Sowter, Tony                        Newcomer             General
Your First 20 Deals
Theory of Bidding, The
Squire, Norman                    Advanced      Bidding
Squire, Norman                     Newcomer             General
Beginner's Guide to Bridge
Squire, Norman                    Novice                General
Guide to Bridge, A
Squire, Norman                     Novice                   Bidding
Bidding At Bridge
Squire, Norman                     Novice                  General
Bidding Today: Contract Bridge
Squire, Norman                     Novice                 Play                             Amazon top 50
Card Play Technique: Contract Bridge
Squire, Norman                     Intermediate Conventions
Guide to Bridge Conventions, A
Squire, Norman                     Intermediate General
How to Become a Champion: Contract Bridge
Squire, Norman                     Intermediate  Declarer
Squeeze Play Simplified: Contract Bridge
Stayman, Sam                       Intermediate   Bidding
Complete Stayman System of Contract Bidding, The
Stayman, Sam                       Novice                  Conventions
Do You Play Stayman
Stayman, Sam                       Advanced      Bidding
Expert Bidding at Contract Bridge
Steinberg, Peter                   Newcomer            General
Play Bridge in Four Hours
Stern, Milton                          Novice                 General
Expert Bridge
Stern, Paul                             Intermediate  Play
Sorry, Partner! 120 Everyday Hands that have been Mis-bid, Mis-played or Mis-defended
Stern, Paul                            Advanced      Conventions
Vienna System of Contract Bridge, The
Stewart, Frank                      Advanced       General
Becoming a Bridge Expert
Stewart, Frank                      Advanced       General
Better Bridge for the Advancing Player: An Introduction to Constructive Thinking at the Bridge Table
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate    Bidding
Bidder's Bible, The
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate     Defender
Bridge Player's Comprehensive Guide to Defense, The
Stewart, Frank                      Novice                   Defender  ABTA  Book of Year 1989
Bridge Student Text, The: Defense at Contract Bridge: Volume 4
Stewart, Frank                      Advanced       General      ABTA Book of Year 1989
Bridge Student Text, The: For Advanced Players
Stewart, Frank                      Newcomer              General     ABTA Book of Year 1989
Bridge Student Text, The: For Beginning Players
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate    General     ABTA Book of Year 1989
Bridge Student Text, The: For Intermediate Players
Stewart, Frank                      Newcomer              General
Bridge Student, The: Volume 1 - For Beginning Players
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate    General
Bridge Student, The: Volume 2 - For Intermediate Players
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate    General
Bridge Student, The: Volume 3 - For Advanced Players
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate    General
Bridge Student, The: Volume 4 - Defensive Play
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate     General
Bridge Today's 1001 Bridge Problems Workbook
Stewart, Frank                      Novice+               Entertainment
Christmas Stocking, A
Stewart, Frank                      Novice+               Entertainment
Frank Stewart's Bridge Club
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate   General
Frank Stewart's Contract Bridge Quiz Book
Stewart, Frank                     Novice                 General
How to be a Good Partner
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate   General
My Bridge and Yours
Stewart, Frank                      Novice                 General
Two Minute Bridge Tips
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate  Defender
Winning Defense for the Advancing Bridge Player: More Constructive Thinking at the Bridge Table
Stubbings, Derrek                Newcomer              General
Bridge For Improvers
Sundby, Robert                     Novice+                Entertainment
Breakthrough Bridge Monograph Number 1: Heresy In Wonderland, A Bedtime Bridge Fable
Sundby, Robert                     Intermediate    General
Bridge In The '80s
Swanson, John                     Advanced      General
Inside the Bermuda Bowl
Sydnor, Caroline                   Newcomer              General   ABTA Book of Year 1982
Bridge Made Easy: Book 1 - Elementary
Sydnor, Caroline                   Novice                  General    ABTA Book of Year 1982
Bridge Made Easy: Book 2 - Intermediate
Sydnor, Caroline                   Novice                  General    ABTA Book of Year 1982
Bridge Made Easy: Book 3 - How to Win More Tricks
Sydnor, Caroline                   Intermediate   Defender  ABTA Book of Year 1982
Bridge Made Easy: Book 4 - How to Set Your Opponents
Sydnor, Caroline                   Advanced      General
Teaching Bridge: How To Do It Better


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