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Name: Simple Squeezes
Author: Kelsey, Hugh
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Declarer
Pages: Date: 1995

Synopsis: It is widely acknowledged that the ability to recognize and execute squeezes at the bridge table is the hallmark of the expert. Yet squeeze play, far from being difficult, is well within the grasp of any competent player, as grand master Hugh Kelsey explains with his customary lucidity. Distilling the experience of a lifetime and the essence of thousands of bridge hands within the covers of his book, the author sets out clearly the requirements for all the basic simple squeezes - those most commonly met with at the table. All the example hands are instructive and many are brilliant. Accomplished players who think they know it all may be surprised to discover how much they have still to learn. Those keen to improve will find a new dimension opening up before them. The book will serve as their passport to a magic and exciting squeeze play, helping to lift their game to an all together higher level.

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