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Name: Challenge Match
Author: Kelsey, Hugh
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: General
Pages: 188 Date: 1983

Synopsis: In this book H W Kelsey continues with the formula that proved successful in Test Your Match Play, The Tough Game and The Needle Match. The settings is subtly changed, for you are not playing a Gold Cup final this time. You deadly rivals, still convinced that they are the better team, have challenged you to a grand show-down over sixty-four boards, the losers to contribute big money to the charity of the winner's choice. Naturally you cannot ignore such insolence. The south seat is yours throughout the match and the result is in your hands. You are faced with a difficult problem in play or defense on every board, and it will take all your skill and resolution to come out on top. Win or lose, you are sure to enjoy the challenge and to profit from the lessons of the hands.

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