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Name: Introduction to Defender's Play
Author: Kantar, Eddie
Target Audience: Novice
Category: Defender
Pages: 147 Date: 1976

Synopsis: There is no question that defense is the most difficult aspect of playing bridge. Many players become adequate bidders by simply memorizing the point count for various bids; others find that playing a dummy becomes easy with practice. But defense is a matter of logic. If you are a good defender it is almost impossible to be a losing player. At least half of your opponents' contracts can be defeated with good defense, but the sad truth is that about eighty percent of them are fulfilled. Why? Because most players have not been well-drilled in the fundamentals of defensive play: know the suit and the card in that suit to lead that will give partner the maximum amount of information; know when to signal; know when to play an attacking defense (taking your tricks as quickly as possible) as opposed to a passive defense (sitting back and waiting for your tricks); decide what the declarer is trying to do based on his manner of play. This is the blocking and tackling of bridge. You cannot be a good bridge player unless you can do these things with reasonable skill. Introduction to Defender's Play, written by one of the outstanding world bridge experts, can teach you the defender's skills you need to play winning bridge.

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