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Fairbrother, Clarke               Intermediate   General
Partnership Agreements
Falk, Allan                               Advanced      General
Bermuda Bowl 1: 80 Problems to Test Your Play
Falk, Allan                               Advanced      General
Bermuda Bowl Challenge
Falk, Allan                              Advanced         General
Spingold Challenge
Team Trial
Falk, Allan                              Intermediate   General
Farrington, Frank                 Advanced       Laws
Duplicate Bridge Movements
Fein, Phyllis                            Novice+               Entertainment
Lighter Side of Bridge, The
Feldheim, Harold                  Intermediate    General
Five Card Major Bidding in Contract Bridge
Feldheim, Harold                   Novice                 Competitive
Negative, Responsive, and other Competitive Doubles
Feldheim, Harold                   Intermediate   Bidding
Tactical Bidding
Feldheim, Harold                  Novice                 Bidding
Weak Two Bid, The
Feldheim, Harold                   Intermediate  General
Winning Swiss Team Tactics in Bridge
Fink, Jerold                            Intermediate   Bidding
American Forcing Minor System
Fink, Jerry                             Advanced       Defender
Count Coded Leads: Defensive Carding in the 21st Century
Fishbein, Harry                      Advanced     Conventions
Fishbein Convention
Fitzsimmons, Cortland          Novice                  General
Better Bridge: A Book For The Beginner And Intermediate Player
Flannery, Bill                          Intermediate Conventions
Flannery Two Diamond Opening, The
Flint, Jeremy                          Novice+                Entertainment
Bridge in the Looking Glass
Flint, Jeremy                          Novice                  General
Bridge With The Times
Flint, Jeremy                          Intermediate  Competitive
Competitive Bidding
Flint, Jeremy                          Intermediate Play
How to Play Bridge
Flint, Jeremy                         Intermediate    Defender
Instructions For The Defence
Flint, Jeremy                          Novice                 General
Winning Edge, The
Flint, Jeremy                          Novice                  General
Bridge, The First Principles
Flint, Jeremy                          Intermediate    General
Bridge, The Golden Principles
Flint, Jeremy                          Novice+            Entertainment
Tiger Bridge Revisited
Flint, Jeremy                          Advanced       General
Bridge With the Professional Touch
Fongasira, Frank                   Intermediate   Play
Guide To Be A Good Bridge Player, A
Fook, Eng                               Advanced        Declarer
Bridge Squeezes Illustrated
Foreman, G                           Intermediate   General
Leopard Bridge System
Forquet, Pietro                      Advanced       General
Bridge with the Blue Team
de V Hart, Norman                Intermediate    Play
Bridge Player's Bedside Book, The
Forrester, Tony                    Novice                 General
Improve Your Bridge at Home
Forrester, Tony                     Novice                General
Play Bridge at Home
Forrester, Tony                    Advanced         General
Secrets of Success: Europe's No.1 Player Shares His Secrets of Success
Forrester, Tony                    Intermediate   General
Vintage Forrester: Selected Writings From the Daily Telegraph
Forrester, Tony                     Novice                General
Winning Bridge at Home
Forrester, Tony                     Advanced      General
Over Your Shoulder: Learn From the Experts
Foster, Alfred                        Novice                  General
Auction Bridge For All
Foster, Alfred                        Novice                  General
Auction Bridge Made Clear
Foster, R.                               Novice                  Bidding
Foster's Simplified Auction Bridge, With the New Laws
Foster, Robert                      Intermediate    Bidding
Foster's Bridge Manual: A Complete System of Instruction in the Game
Fox, G                                     Newcomer              General
Begin Bridge
Fox, George                           Novice                  General
Book of Bridge, The: Daily Telegraph
Fox, George                           Novice                   Bidding
Bridge, Standard Bidding
Fox, George                           Novice                   Play
Bridge, The Elements of Play
Fox, George                          Intermediate   General
Daily Telegraph Bridge Quiz, The
Fox, George                           Intermediate    General
Bridge, The Basic Elements of Play and Defence
Fox, George                           Intermediate   General
Duplicate Bridge
Fox, George                           Novice+              Entertainment
Grand Master of Bridge: "Foxy" - The Autobiography
Fox, George                           Intermediate General
Modern Bidding Systems in Bridge, Bridge Basic Elements of Play and Defense
Fox-Sheinwold, Patricia       Novice+               Entertainment
Husbands and Other Men I've Played With: Bridge, That Is
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1978 World Championship Books: New Orleans
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1979 World Championship Books
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1980 World Championship: Netherlands
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1981 World Championship Books: Rye, NY
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1982 World Championship Books: Biarritz
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1983 World Championship Books
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1984 World Championship Books: Seattle
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1985 World Championship Books: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1986 World Championship Books: Bal Harbour, Florida
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1987 North American Collegiate Bridge Championships Par Deals
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1987 World Championship Books: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1988 World Championship: Venice, Italy
Francis, Henry                        Advanced      General
1989 World Championship Books: Perth
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1995 World Championship Books: Beijing
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
1996 World Championship Books: Rhodes
Francis, Henry                       Advanced     General
25th Contract Bridge Team World Championships: 1981
Francis, Henry                       Intermediate   General
Official Encyclopedia of Bridge, The
Francis, Henry                       Advanced         General
Sixth Contract Bridge World Bridge Team Olympiad 1980
Francis, Henry                       Advanced       General
Bermuda Bowl: History and All the Best Deals, The
Francis, Henry                       Advanced       General
Bermuda Bowl: The All Time Best Deals from the World Championship
Frey, Richard                         Intermediate     General
Bridge Players Encyclopedia, The
Frey, Richard                         Novice                 General
Easy Guide to Duplicate Bridge: How to Play, How to Win: Laws and Ethics
Frey, Richard                         Novice                 General
How to Win at Contract Bridge
Frey, Richard                         Novice                 General
How to Win at Contract Bridge in 10 easy lessons
Frost, Frederick                     Intermediate    General
Bridge Odds Complete: Probabilities in Contract Bridge
Fry, Samuel                            Novice                General
How to Win at Bridge With Any Partner
Fry, Samuel                           Intermediate    Play
Play of the Hand at Bridge


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