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Name: Strip Squeezes
Author: Kelsey, Hugh
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Play
Pages: 120 Date: 1986

Synopsis: In the second volume of his mini-series on squeeze play, grand master Hugh Kelsey turns his attention to one of the most useful and most neglected of all squeeze forms - the two-suit strip-squeeze. This is the squeeze that can save the day when the declarer is not able to 'rectify the count' for a simple squeeze. Normal squeeze technique is widely known, but beyond the coastal plain of direct squeeze country there is a vast hinterland where the normal rules do not apply. It is in this territory that the strip-squeezes flourish. All experienced players acknowledge the importance of these secondary squeezes, which turn up frequently in practical play and can rescue the declarer from apparently certain defeat. Kelsey has the gift of being able to explain complex ideas in simple terms, and any competent player will find the subject well within his grasp. With the aid of many brilliant and instructive hands, the author explains the techniques in a way that stimulates the imagination.

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