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Book Review Index: Target Audience - Intermediate



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Target Audience - Intermediate: Q-Z

Queen of Spades, The
Griffiths, John                       Novice+               Entertainment
Quintessence of CAB, The: The CAB System of Bridge
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate  Conventions
Rabbi's Magic Trick, The: More Kosher Bridge
Bird, David                             Novice+              Entertainment
Raising Partner
Senior, Brian                         Intermediate    Bidding
Raising Your Bridge
Kaplan, Jim                            Intermediate   Bidding
Rate Your Own Game
Bridge World                         Intermediate   General
Rate Your Team Play and Improve Your Analytical Techniques
Zaluski, Edward                    Intermediate   Play
Reading the Cards: Bridge Technique Series
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Play      ABTA Book of the Year 2002
Record run 3584.26: Tournament by Tournament
Blake, Kay                             Novice+               Entertainment
Red Book on Play: Contract Bridge *
Culbertson, Ely                     Intermediate    Play
Reese on Play
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate   Play
Reflections on the Weak Notrump
Lightner, Theodore             Intermediate    Bidding
Revolution in Contract Bridge
Desai, G                                  Intermediate  Bidding
Richelieu Plays Bridge
MacKinnon, Robert               Novice+              Entertainment
Rixi Markus Book of Bridge, The
Markus, Rixi                          Intermediate   General
Roberts' Rules for Bidding and Playing Winning Bridge
Roberts, Loyd                       Intermediate   General
Robin Hoods Bridge Memoirs
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Roman Keycard Blackwood
Blubaugh, John                     Intermediate   Conventions
Roman Keycard Blackwood: Practice Your Bidding
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate  Conventions
Ron Klinger Answers Your Bridge Queries
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate  General
Ron Klinger's Master Class
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate  General
Rubber Bridge Player's Guide for the Twenty-first Century, The: Standard American 21 *
Thomas, John                       Intermediate   Bidding
Safety Plays and Endplays: Card Play Made Easy - 1
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate    Declarer
Safety Plays in Bridge
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate   Declarer
Safety Plays: Bridge Technique Series                               ABTA Book of the Year 2002
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
Safety Plays: Test Your Bridge Technique
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
Saints and Sinners: The St Titus Bridge Challenge
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Samurai Bridge: A Tale of Old Japan
MacKinnon, Robert               Novice+               Entertainment
Scanian Way, The: Absolute Doubles *
Nilsland, Mats                        Intermediate   Bidding
Scanian Way, The: Notrump Bidding
Wirgren. Anders                   Intermediate   Bidding
Second Book of Bridge Problems
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate   Play
Second Book of Bridge Problems: Problems in Play *
Priest, Denis                          Intermediate   Play
Second Collection of Bridge Stories, A: A Study in Silver *
Silver, David                          Novice+               Entertainment
Second Daily Telegraph Bridge Quiz
Hale, Robert                          Intermediate   General
Secrets of Winning Bridge, The
Rubens, Jeff                          Intermediate  General
Selected Writings From the Daily Telegraph: Vintage Forrester *
Forrester, Tony                    Intermediate   General
Self Quizzes at Bridge: The Play of the Cards *
Karpin, Fred                          Intermediate   Play
Serendipity in Bridge
Jayaram, R                           Intermediate     General
Shadow in the Bridge World
Wiss, Mike                              Novice+              Entertainment
Sherlock Holmes: Bridge Detective Returns
Thomas, Frank                      Novice+              Entertainment
Short Tall Bridge Tales
Burkoff, Steve                      Novice+               Entertainment
Signal Success In Bridge
Roth, Danny                           Intermediate  Defender
Signalling: Step by Step *
Horton, Mark                         Intermediate  Defender
Signals and Discards For You
Kambites, Andrew                Intermediate  Defender
Simple Squeeze, The: Test Your Bridge Technique
Bird, David                             Intermediate Declarer
Single Dummy Plays
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate   Play
Sixty Hands through the Mind of Declarer
Smith, Forrest                       Intermediate   Declarer
Slam Bidding
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate   Bidding
Slam Bidding and Point Count
Solomon, Charles                  Intermediate  Bidding
Slam Bidding For You
Kambites, Andrew               Intermediate   Bidding
Slam Bidding: Step By Step *
Mould, Alan                           Intermediate   Bidding
Slam Bidding Made Easier  
Bergen, Marty                     Intermediate    Bidding
Slams Made Simple
Walsche, George                  Intermediate   Bidding
Slam Play: Bridge Quiz *
Brock, Raymond                   Intermediate   Declarer
So They Played Bridge, And How
Tuite, Hugh                            Intermediate  General
Sorry, Partner! 120 Everyday Hands that have been Mis-bid, Mis-played or Mis-defended
Stern, Paul                             Intermediate  Play
Sound Principles of Auction Bridge
Tobin, E                                  Intermediate  General
Splinter Bids: Practice Your Bidding
Seagram, Barbara               Intermediate   Conventions
Sports Illustrated Book of Bridge
Goren, Charles                      Intermediate  General
Spotlight on Card Play: A New approach to the Practical Analysis of Bridge Hands
Darvas, Robert                     Intermediate   Play
Squeeze in Valhalla
King, Jack                              Novice+               Entertainment
Squeeze Play Made Easy
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate   Declarer
Squeeze Play Simplified: Contract Bridge
Squire, Norman                     Intermediate  Declarer
Squeezes Made Simple: Bridge Technique Series            ABTA Book of the Year 2002
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
St Titus Bridge Challenge, The: Saints and Sinners *
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Standardized Code of Contract Bridge Bidding, The
Courtenay, Dudley               Intermediate   Bidding
Stairway to the Stars
Rosencrantz, George          Novice+               Entertainment
Stallard's First Up
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate   Bidding
Standard American 21: The Rubber Bridge Player's Guide for the Twenty-first Century
Thomas, John                       Intermediate   Bidding
Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century
Hardy, Max                           Intermediate   Bidding                     Amazon Top 25
Standard Manual on Play, The
Courtenay, Dudley               Intermediate   Play
Standard Plays of Card Combinations
Truscott, Alan                       Intermediate   Declarer
Standardized code of Contract Bridge
Courtenay, George              Intermediate   General
Startling tales of the Bridge Table II: Men, Women and Bridge *
Crawford, Richard               Novice+               Entertainment
Step By Step: Card Play in Suits
Senior, Brian                         Intermediate   General
Step by Step: Competitive Bidding
Sowter, Tony                        Intermediate   Competitive
Step by Step: Constructive Bidding
Sowter, Tony                        Intermediate   Bidding
Step By Step: Deception in Defence
Rigal, Barry                           Intermediate   Defender
Step By Step: Deceptive Declarer Play
Rigal, Barry                           Intermediate   Declarer
Step by Step: Discarding
Roth, Danny                          Intermediate   Defender
Step By Step: Overcalls
Brock, Sally                            Intermediate   Competitive
Step By Step: Planning the Defence
Brock, Raymond                   Intermediate   Defender
Step By Step: Pre-Empts
Mould, Alan                            Intermediate   Bidding
Step By Step: Signalling
Horton, Mark                         Intermediate   Defender
Step By Step: Slam Bidding
Mould, Alan                           Intermediate    Bidding
Story of an Accusation
Reese, Terence                    Novice+               Entertainment
Strange Lives of One Man
Culbertson, Ely                      Novice+               Entertainment
Strategic ACOL Bidding: Task Masters
Kambites, Andrew                Novice+              Entertainment
Strategy at Trick One: Winning Play in Contract Bridge *
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate General
Streamline Your Bidding With 1100 Quizzes
Mollo, Victor                           Intermediate  Bidding
Streamlined Bridge
Mollo, Victor                          Intermediate   General
Strong Club Standard: Bidding in Contract Bridge
Pejsa, Arthur                        Intermediate   Bidding
Study in Silver, A
Silver, David                          Novice+               Entertainment
Study in Silver, A: A Second Collection of Bridge Stories
Silver, David                          Novice+               Entertainment
Success at Bridge
Mollo, Victor                          Intermediate   Bidding
Sure Tricks
Andersson, Ivar                    Intermediate   General
Sure Winner at Bridge, A: For Winning Contract and Duplicate Play
White, Clarence                    Intermediate   General
Sweep Q-bids of Contract Bridge
Brashler, T                            Intermediate   General
Synopsis of 1933 Club Convention Bidding, A: Contract by Hand Analysis *
Vanderbilt, Harold                Intermediate   Bidding
System the Experts Play, The
Courtenay, Dudley               Intermediate   Bidding
Table Talk
Goodwin, Jude                      Novice+            Entertainment
Tactical Bidding
Feldheim, Harold                   Intermediate   Bidding
Take Your Tricks: Over 550 Declare Play Tips (600 Declarer Play Tips) You Can Take to the Bank
Kantar, Eddie                         Intermediate  Declarer
Take-out Double: A Bridge Mystery
Priebe, Jim                             Novice+           Entertainment
Tale of Old Japan, A: Samurai Bridge *
MacKinnon, Robert               Novice+              Entertainment
Tales From The Bridge Table: Contract Bridge 1925 to 1995
Clay, John                              Novice+            Entertainment
Tales of the Club Expert
Tait, Jimmy                            Novice+            Entertainment
Tales Out of School
Silver, David                           Novice+           Entertainment
Task Masters: Play Your Cards Right *
Husband, Pat                         Intermediate   Play
Task Masters: Strategic ACOL Bidding *
Kambites, Andrew                 Novice+              Entertainment
Team Tactics at Bridge
Jago, Willie                             Intermediate General
Team Trial
Falk, Allan                              Intermediate   General
Technique and Tactics of Bridgeplaying, The
Widder, Lajos                        Intermediate  General
Techniques of Deception and Harassment in Bidding and Play, The: Psychological Strategy in Contract Bridge *
Karpin, Fred                          Intermediate   General
Test Your Acol Bidding
Whittaker, Michael               Intermediate   Conventions
Test Your Bridge Technique: Avoidance Play *
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
Test Your Bridge Technique: Defending Suit Contracts *
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Defender
Test Your Bridge Technique: Elimination Plays *
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
Test Your Bridge Technique: Endplays and Coups *
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
Test Your Bridge Technique: Entry Management *
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
Test Your Bridge Technique: Safety Plays *
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
Test Your Communications
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate   Declarer
Test Your Finessing
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate   Declarer
Things Your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You
Romm, Dan                           Intermediate   General
Thinking About IMPS
Boeder, John                        Intermediate    General
Tickets to the Devil
Powell, Richard                     Novice+            Entertainment
Tiger Bridge Revisited
Flint, Jeremy                          Novice+            Entertainment
Times Book of Bridge 2, The
Sheehan, Robert                  Intermediate   General
Times Book of Bridge, The
Truscott, Alan                       Intermediate   General
Timing and Communication: Card Play Made Easy - 4
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate   Play
Tips for Successful Duplicate Play: Duplicate Bridge *
Goren, Charles                      Intermediate   General
TNT and Competitive Bidding
Payne, Dick                            Intermediate  Competitive
Tomorrow's Textbook: A View In The Crystal Ball
Mollo, Victor                           Intermediate  General
Topics on Bridge: Volume 1                                                  ABTA Book of the Year 1991
Lawrence, Mike                    Intermediate   General
Topics on Bridge: Volume 2                                                  ABTA Book of the Year 1991
Lawrence, Mike                    Intermediate   General
Tops and Bottoms
Granovetter, Pamela           Novice+            Entertainment
Tournament Acol
Bird, David                             Intermediate   General
Tournament by Tournament: Record run 3584.26 *
Blake, Kay                             Novice+               Entertainment
Tournament Bridge for Everyone
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate   General
Tournament Bridge: An Uncensored Memoir
Machlin, Jerome                    Novice+            Entertainment
Tournament Treatments
Blubaugh, John                     Intermediate   General
Transfer Principle, The
Senior, Brian                         Intermediate   Bidding
Treasure Makers, The
Granovetter, Matt                Novice+            Entertainment
Treasury of Bridge Tips: 540 Bidding Tips to Improve Your Partner's Game
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate   General
Trick 13
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate   General
Trick Taking Potential
Jelks, Edward                       Intermediate   General
Tricks with Finesses: Bridge Technique Series                 ABTA Book of the Year 2002
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
Tricks with Trumps: Bridge Technique Series                  ABTA Book of the Year 2002
Bird, David                             Intermediate  Declarer
True Bridge Humor
Lawrence, Mike                    Novice+            Entertainment
Trump Management: Card Play Made Easy - 3
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate   Declarer
Trump Techniques
Traub, Alexander                 Intermediate   Declarer
Two Mathematicians Play Contract Bridge: For Winning Duplicate Play
White, Clarence                    Intermediate   General
Two Over One Game Force Quiz Book
Hardy, Max                            Intermediate   Conventions
(2/1) Two Over One Game Force Simplified
Jarman, Kara                        Intermediate   Conventions
Two Over One in a Nutshell
Berry, Dee                             Intermediate   Conventions
Uncensored Memoir, An: Tournament Bridge *
Machlin, Jerome                   Novice+             Entertainment
Underhanded Bridge: A Hilarious Handbook of Devious Diversions and Strategems for Winning at Bridge
Sohl, Jerry                             Novice+               Entertainment
Understanding 1NT Forcing
Bergen, Marty                       Intermediate   Bidding
Understanding Slam Bidding
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate  Bidding
Unholy Tricks: More Miraculous Card Play
Reese, Terence                    Novice+               Entertainment 
Universal Club: The System for Everyone
Thomas, Fred                        Intermediate  Bidding
Veejay System of Modern Bridge Bidding at Contract Bridge
Victor, A                                 Intermediate   Bidding
Victor Mollo's Bridge Club: How to Turn Masterful Plays into Monstrous Points
Mollo, Victor                          Novice+                      Entertainment
View In The Crystal Ball, A: Tomorrow's Textbook *
Mollo, Victor                          Intermediate   General
Vintage Forrester: Selected Writings From the Daily Telegraph
Forrester, Tony                    Intermediate   General
Vital Tricks at Contract Bridge
Perkins, Frank                       Intermediate  Play
Vulnerable Game: The Memoirs of Rixi Markus
Markus, Rixi                           Intermediate  General
Walk of the Oysters, The: An Unholy History of Contract Bridge
Mackey, Rex                          Novice+              Entertainment
Washington Standard
Robinson, Steve                    Intermediate Bidding
Weak Two Bid in Bridge, The
Schenken, Howard               Intermediate  Bidding
Webster's Bridge
Webster, Harold                   Intermediate   General
Wei of Good Bridge, The
Wei-Sender, Kathie              Novice+           Entertainment
Which Strategies Win: Club Level Duplicate Bridge *
Routman, Mark                     Intermediate  General
What Do I Bid Now?
Eichenbaum, Kenny              Intermediate  Bidding
What Would You Bid?
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate   Bidding
What's New in Bridge
Jacoby, Oswald                     Intermediate  Conventions
When to Bid, When to Pass                                                                      Amazon top 100
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate  Competitive
When to Duck: When to Win in Bridge
Reese, Terenece                  Intermediate   Play
Whitehead's Conventions of Auction Bridge
Whitehead, Wilber                Intermediate  General
Whitehead's Duplicate Auction Bridge, Including Duplicate Contract Bridge
Whitehead, Wilber                Intermediate  General
Why Women Lose At Bridge
Nicholson, Joyce                   Novice+            Entertainment
Why Women Win at Bridge
Roth, Alvin                             Intermediate   General
Why You Lose at Bridge                                                  Voted #1 in 1994 ACBL survey
Simon, S. J.                            Intermediate   General
Win at Bridge with Oswald Jacoby: America's Winningest Bridge Champion
Jacoby, Oswald                     Intermediate   General
Winners and Losers at the Bridge Table
Goldman, Bobby                    Novice+           Entertainment
Winning at Rubber Bridge
Mayer, Edward                      Intermediate  General
Winning Bridge in the Menagerie
Mollo, Victor                           Novice+           Entertainment
Winning Bridge with Blackwood
Blackwood, Easley                Intermediate  Bidding
Winning Card Play
Kelsey, Hugh                          Intermediate  Play
Winning Contract Bridge Complete
Kaplan, Edgar                        Intermediate  General
Winning Defence
Brown, John                          Intermediate  Defender
Winning Defense for the Advancing Bridge Player: More Constructive Thinking at the Bridge Table
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate  Defender
Winning Duplicate
Coffin, George                       Intermediate  General
Winning Pairs Technique
Jannersten, Eric                    Intermediate  General
Winning Play in Contract Bridge: Strategy at Trick One
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate  General
Winning Play in Tournament and Duplicate Bridge: How the Experts Triumph
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate  General
Winning Swiss Team Tactics in Bridge
Feldheim, Harold                   Intermediate  General
Winslow's System in Contract Bridge
Winslow, Thomas                 Intermediate   General
Woodson 2-Way No Trump
Woodson, William                 Intermediate   Conventions
Woodson Electronic Bidding System
Woodson, William                 Intermediate   Bidding
Work-Peterson Accurate Valuation System of Contract Bridge, The
Work, Milton                          Intermediate   General
Workbook, A: Partnership Bidding *
Paul, Mary                             Intermediate   Bidding
World Class: Conversations with the Bridge Masters
Smith, Marc                           Novice+            Entertainment
You Can Play And Laugh
Phillips, Hubert                      Novice+              Entertainment
You Need Never Lose at Bridge
Mollo, Victor                           Novice+              Entertainment
You Ought to Bid an Average Hand Featuring the Kamikaze No Trump
Kierein, John                         Intermediate   Bidding
Your Bridge Psychology
Holmes, F                               Intermediate  General
Your Deal, Mr Bond
King, Philip                             Novice+              Entertainment
Your Lead, Partner
Cohen, Ben                            Intermediate   Defender
Your Top 50 Bridge Questions Answered: Ask Zia *
Mahmood, Zia                        Intermediate  General

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