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Name: Serendipity in Bridge
Author: Jayaram, R
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: General
Pages: 148 Date: 2005

Synopsis: A unique voice has recently surfaced in the world of bridge. With his first book, Logic, Intuition, and Instinct at the Bridge Table, R .Jayaram (Jay) advanced the revolutionary idea that bridge is NOT exclusively a game of logic. His second book, Moments of Truth at the Bridge Table - B.T. Batsford, further extended that idea. Now this third book, "Serendipity In Bridge" makes the case that the best results, sometimes unexpectedly, come when you utilize both halves of your brain, the creative side (right) as well of the logical side (left). Most, but not all, of the subjects of Jay's stories are prominent players from his native India, but Bill Gates, Zia, and Eric Rodwell make appearances. Your perception of our favorite game will forever be changed.

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