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Name: Simple Squeeze, The: Test Your Bridge Technique
Author: Bird, David & Bourke, Tim
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Declarer
Pages: 111 Date: 2004

Synopsis: This book is designed to accompany Squeezes made Simple in the Bridge Technique Series. Here is what the authors have to say about their book: "It will give you the opportunity to test your declarer play on hands that involve a specific technique - here, the simple squeeze. The term 'simple' squeeze merely means that only one opponent is squeezed on the play. It does not imply that the play will necessarily be easy to perform! While we start out gently, it is only fair to tell you that by the end of this book you will be working hard, and we shall have introduced some of the more complex varieties of 'simple' squeeze. We are sure, however that you will find the journey worthwhile. Squeeze play is not only immensely useful and practical; it is also one of the most beautiful aspects of this incredible game we all enjoy so much."

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