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Name: Tops and Bottoms
Author: Granovetter, Pamela & Matt
Target Audience: Novice+
Category: Entertainment
Pages: 182 Date: 1992

Synopsis: Here are 52 real life stories of tops and bottoms. Every tale of triumph or disaster is followed by a post mortem dialogue between Matthew and Pamela Granovetter. Included are 52 real-life stories of tops and bottoms. How did Marty Cohn go down 8 redoubled in two notrump? Why did Andy Bernstein get a top for just following suit? How did Sidney Lazard bid and make four hearts on a 4-1 fit? What was the story behind the opening lead that cost $50,000.00? How did Dick Frey lose a Spingold match while traveling on the Long Island Railroad? Why did Paul Heitner get a bottom for bidding and making a doubled slam?

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