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Name: Two Over One in a Nutshell
Author: Berry, Dee
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Conventions
Pages: 70 Date: 2003

Synopsis: A concise, easy to carry reference for aspiring 2/1 students.  Includes Basics: Bridge Buffet, Essentials of 2/1, Hand Evaluation, 1st & 2nd Seat Opening Bids; Opening 1 Notrump; Summaries of Responses to: 1C, 1D, 1H ,1S, Jump Shifts; Rebids after 1 level Responses: 1N rebids, Showing Balanced Hands, Non-Forcing Rebids, Minimum and Good Hand Rebids, Reverses, Responder Rebids; Rebids After 2 level Responses: Fast Arrival, Springboard to Slams; 2/1 Responses to 1N the 2/1: Stayman, Slam Tries, Smolen, 3 level Jumps, Jacoby/Texas Transfers, Minor Suit Stayman; Third/Fourth Seat Opening Bids; 2/1 in Competition: after Overcall, after Takeout Double; Strong Opening Bids, Responder's Options after 2/1; Special Cases in 2/1.   Also includes conventional discussions including: Bergen Raises, Criss-Cross, Forcing Notrump, Drury, Fourth Suit Forcing, Hebert Negative, Ingberman, Inverted Minors, Jacoby/Texas Transfers, Jacoby 2NT, Jordan, Limit Raises, McCabe, Namyats, Negative Doubles, New Minor Forcing, Ogust, Preemptive Jump Shifts, Puppet Stayman, RKC Blackwood/Gerber/1430, Smolen, Soloway Jump Shifts, Splinters, Stayman, Minor Suit Stayman, Strong Two Club, Two Heart as Immediate Negative, Weak Two Bids.



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