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Name: Secrets of Winning Bridge, The
Author: Rubens, Jeff
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: General
Pages: 241 Date: 1981

Synopsis: In this book I have written very little about exceptions. Most of the advice is general, and the rules I suggest apply to types of problems rather than specific situations. As bridge literature is not completely lacking in such material, I have attempted to avoid repeating what appears elsewhere. Thus, the different charters are essays on assorted bridge subjects. The topics covered share the attribute that they have been dealt with only cursorily (if at all) elsewhere. I assume that you, the reader, are an "average player," in whatever area of bridge competition you prefer. I will try to show how you, using whatever bridge talents you possess (or may possess in the future) , can improve your results simply by recognizing certain principles which may hitherto have escaped your attention. I hope that you will understand the material more deeply each time you read it, having profited in the interim from practical playing experience.

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