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Name: What's New in Bridge
Author: Jacoby, Oswald
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Conventions
Pages: 158 Date: 1954

Synopsis: This book is for people who play contract bridge and want to keep up with what is new in the game. The bridge table is a battlefield of theories. New ideas on how to confuse the opposition and inform your partner are constantly joining the ranks of bridge conventions. In this concise and lucid handbook on contract bridge, Oswald Jacoby describes the latest tactics in expert play and - more important - how to play against them. Rich in illustrative cases and the wisdom that comes from much experience, this is a book that no bridge player can afford to miss. Not only does it tell you what the experts are doing; it shows you how to beat them at their own game. If you are the average enthusiastic bridge player, this book will carry you out of the "average" into the "expert" class. It should mean a difference of well over thousand points on your score every time you play bridge. A few such sessions, and you'll find that your opponents have paid for this book.

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