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Name: Why You Lose at Bridge
Author: Simon, S. J.
Popularity: Voted #1 in 1994 ACBL survey
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: General
Pages: 160 Date: 1995

Synopsis: Voted the #1 bridge book of all time in Dec. ’94 ACBL survey! Reprint of the classic. Win more consistently with the skill you already possess by following this simple advice. A wealth of common sense, philosophy, and “how to attain the best result possible.” “Morehead always said my 5 Weeks to Winning Bridge was the best. I disagree; Why You Lose is the best bridge book ever written.” — Alfred Sheinwold “Great news! One of the best books ever (many would say #1) has been reprinted. The best word to describe it is “delightful.” Anyone who has not read this cannot be a complete player.” —Bridge World “If you think a book published in 1946 has nothing to offer you, think again! What Simon has to say is classic, relevant and a delight.” —ACBL Bulletin

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