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Name: Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century
Author: Hardy, Max
Popularity: Amazon Top 25
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Bidding
Pages: 296 Date: 2000

Synopsis: easy recommendation for all but experts as the new 2/1 reference manual. ACBL Bulletin, February 2001. Max Hardy is one of the most versatile professionals in the world of bridge. Recently retired after forty years as a tournament director, he also found the time to win more than 10,000 master points. In constant demand as a lecturer, he also has had more than 100 students take his intensive forty hour bridge course. The author of more than ten books on bidding, Max is best known for promoting a five card major, forcing notrump, two-over-one forcing to game bidding system. Here he shows why even social players can expect consistently winning auctions from such an approach.

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