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Name: Winning at Rubber Bridge
Author: Mayer, Edward
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: General
Pages: 195 Date: 1975

Synopsis: How a rubber player can hold their own against tournament players who use lots of systems. Looking for most rewarding contract especially at part scores. Includes the background to bidding, play, and the psychology of the game. The growth of Contract Bridge as an international card game has produced a temporary schism between tournament play with its spate of conventions and rubber bridge which has developed along more natural lines. The rubber player is looking for the most rewarding, not necessarily the perfect, contract and Edward Mayer, a world authority on the game, here explains how best to achieve that end. Assuming a level of competent club play, Mayer shows how such a player can more than hold his own against tournament players whose excessive number of conventions handicaps their judgment at part scores. Part I and II of this book present a simple and precise background to bidding and play, in which the essential element is the recognition of changing values at different scores and the action to be taken in the more complex situations. Part III gives forty deals, each of which illustrates a particular aspect of play; whilst Part IV reveals how the absence of psychology, for which technique is not a substitute, produces disaster.

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