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About BridgeHands

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When you have a moment, also check out the Navigation help page - useful information on BridgeHands layout, links, and more.  And don't miss our Press Release, providing a quick read of what this site is all about...

Here at BridgeHands we have thousands of pages of Bridge materials.  At the top of every page you will find the navigation menu helpful to move from area to area.  Additionally you can use the Search box to quickly find information.


Bridge, for the rest of us.


Your one-stop Bridge Portal


Welcome to the BridgeHands website, here to help you improve your Bridge skills. The goal of BridgeHands is to provide Bridge material that is:

                         Easy to learn

The BridgeHands website includes many sections to support your Bridge educational needs.

Where we spend most of our time adding new content and visitors like you submit their comments

While the traditional portion of our website has thousands of useful static webpages, the "hot spot" for the latest and greatest buzz at BridgeHands is our Bridge Blog.  These webpages are dynamic interactive pages, allowing you to comment and reply to our frequently posted articles.  Here are the categories on our Bridge Blog:

BridgeHands Bridge Blog - our article "posts" that are frequently updated and allow you to respond with comments.  Better yet, this segment contains video Bridge instructions for Social and Advanced players.  The contents in the Bridge Blog is permission-based, with the following access criteria:

General - many Bridge Blog pages are open for viewing for the general public

"Polling You" - this is our popular new weekly bidding and play quizzes where hundreds of Bridge players respond to polling questions.  Pick one of five responses to the poll and instantly you will see how your response compares with your colleagues.  We also offer additional feedback to our members (see below).

FREE - Signing up for our FREE Membership Subscription will allow you to view additional video content not available to the general viewing audience. Also, providing us your EMAIL address on the subscription sign-up page allows us to notify you when we post new videos and related Bridge content. Enhanced additional video content will be available for Premium and ULTRA subscription memberships stay tuned. And BridgeHands never EMAILs spam nor shares EMAIL addresses with others. See our privacy statement for full details.

PREMIUM - This program will be available in 2011 at an introductory price of $9.95 for a three month subscription.  Provides access to PREMIUM essential Bridge bidding and play videos, MP3 audios, textual content, download files, and web links. For high-definition video quality and access to additional content, we invite you to purchase our ULTRA package (rather than this offering)

ULTRA - This program will be available in 2011 at an introductory price of $49.95 for one year. Access to BridgeHands ULTRA package includes our most comprehensive Bridge bidding and play offerings. In addition to having access to everything in our Premium package, the ULTRA package includes additional content and insights, access to HIGH DEFINITION videos, MP3 audios, textual content, download files, and web links.

Finally, for Bridge Teachers we have a special program, including significant discounts for ABTA members. Please contact us for additional details.


What's New

While the latest information is found on our Bridge Blog (see above), our "What's New" webpage offers a high-level overview of BridgeHands of our content, layout, navigation, functionality, plans, and significant activities.

                      What's New at BridgeHands


Complete, easy to use and find Bridge reference

Encyclopedia includes hundreds of pages with thousands of bridge terms, concepts and examples conveniently indexed:

  Duplicate         Bidding     General     Play
Conventions     Jargon      Rubber

Also see About BridgeHands  Encyclopedia

Useful products to support you

includes web pages listing products and reviews.

Books      Affiliated Products

Also see About BridgeHands Products, About BridgeHands Services for information on how vendors can advertise Products at BridgeHands, and BridgeHands  Reviews



Choose from a wide range of enlightening Bridge services



Website Hosting
provides attractively priced web hosting for the following Bridge-related services:

Bridge Teachers      Bridge Products

BridgeHands offers Question and Answer EMAIL Support for your Bridge related questions

BridgeHands eMagazine Newsletter is a free EMAIL newsletter available to Bridge players.  Two versions are available:
 - Newcomer and Novice: for entry level and emerging players
 - Intermediate and Advanced: for competitive and tourney players

Also see About BridgeHands Services

Laws and much more about how Bridge works

provides a complete library to support you with all the Laws, Rules, Regulations and more to address the legal side of the game.

Duplicate  Rubber  Alerts  Convention Chart   CC Info  Appeals 
Clubs: Chapter 4   Unit: Chapter 5   Director: Decisions  Tech File 
1997 Laws Revision

Also see About BridgeHands Laws


Services planned...

Free Lessons targeted to you

will offer free references and lessons for basic instruction.

Also see About BridgeHands Training

Strengthen your bidding and play through practice


Attractive value-added prices for access to in-depth content, including a large number of "hands on" exercises are planned.

Also see About BridgeHands Practice

Gather insights from the best in Bridge

The Tournament section includes daily bulletins (Adobe PDF) from the top championships in the world, including WBF and ACBL NABC tournaments.    These bulletins include results, commentary, laws updates, tourney and player pictures, education, and other interesting Bridge discussions..   Players can also learn about Law rulings.

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