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Website Hosting - Teachers



The BridgeHands Teachers website hosting service is tailored for "face to face" and online Bridge Teachers appreciating the benefits associated with having a web presence.  Potential Bridge students are waiting to discover you and existing students enjoy learning more about you and your material. 

Customer web pages include the following features:

Free choice of URL name:

"Meta tags" by BridgeHands on your behalf to ensure search engine hits help drive business to you.

Optional EMAIL reports showing web page usage activity



Share your value proposition

You are allowed 500 Kilobytes of information, such as:



Your name, initials, or "handle" and other personal information you choose to share - consider your privacy needs regarding your address, phone number, EMAIL address


Geographic service area (State, Country, Bridge Service Provider)



Bridge related content you wish to share with others:
a. Achievement - wins, Masterpoint standing, ranking, credentials
b. Bridge teaching background
c. Testimonials from students, colleagues, and others
d. Class teaching arrangement and schedule
e. Your value proposition - fun, easy, thorough, comprehensive
f. Articles and pictures (up to 10 files)
g. Picture of yourself (JPEG)
h. Reference links to BridgeHands web pages
i. Reference links to stable Bridge websites
j. Other information of interest to existing/future Bridge students


Reference links to stable Bridge websites


Introductory price $10

EMAIL BridgeHands your changes up to two times each year at no charge.  Additional customer requested changes to your website will result in nominal charge (except errors on behalf of BridgeHands).  Setup, hosting, and maintenance is normally $20 for the first year and $10 for each subsequent year.  BridgeHands is currently offering a 50 percent price break, $10 for the first year.

Order now to save money

Adhere to a few common sense rules

EMAIL with your order or a quote to meet your specific needs.   Include the desired webpage path (URL) in your request.  Sample: "Jill Doe" might be:

See BridgeHands Billing - Payment instructions and options

Customers are responsible for timely backups all data, content, programs, links and the like (Information), stored on the BridgeHands website.  Customers agree to BridgeHands terms and conditions, including but not limited to the BridgeHands Disclaimer and Privacy Statement.

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