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About BridgeHands Laws

ACBL and WBF bodies establish and regulate laws within their jurisdictions


All parties must adhere to their copyright restrictions

Bridge laws are established, published, governed, and regulated by jurisdictional bodies.   The American Contact Bridge League controls North America and has developed two sets of Laws, one for Duplicate play, the other for Contract Rubber Bridge players.   BridgeHands provides a copy of these laws, numerous indexes, and many other supporting documents.

The World Bridge Federation also has established a similar set of laws to govern play outside North America, supported by many nations.   BridgeHands will publish these laws at a future date.

BridgeHands greatly appreciates the Laws jurisdictional bodies allows us to share a copy of their copyrighted materials here with their express permission.   If you wish to copy information owned by these sources, you must contact the originator and obtain permission to do so.

Start with Index

Determine jurisdiction

Extra guidelines for organizations

BridgeHands Laws main index page begins with primary indexes:

Duplicate Laws Index & Detailed Laws  and Contract Index

The ACBL Chapter 4 (Clubs), 5 (Units), and 6 (Tourney) handbooks provide guidance for Duplicate organizations.

Lots of extra rules are here to support serious tournament play

Supporting documents include Duplicate Alert Procedures, tournament Convention Charts (regulations based on proficiency), how to complete the Convention Card,  WBF Convention Card Instructions, the thrice-yearly Appeals (Casebooks) at NABC events, Fees charged by the ACBL, Director guides: Duplicate Decisions, Club Director's Handbook, and Tech Files.

Easy to use and find supplemental information with cross-references

BridgeHands has very handy cross-references between the ACBL Laws, Duplicate Decisions, and Director Tech Files.   BridgeHands Encyclopedia also incorporates the Laws index by alphabetical terms.



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