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About BridgeHands Reviews

  BridgeHands reviews include: Books, Cruises, and Products topics, with the ability to submit your Book Review, Cruise Ship Review

Help About: Books, Cruises, and Products

  Books: BridgeHands book reviews are organized by sorted indexes organized by various criteria linked to individual bridge book detail pages. 

Individual Book Details:

Name: If the book contains multiple components as "To Bid Or Not To Bid, The Law Of Total Tricks", the book name usually has two listing: one beginning with "To Bid Or Not To Bid:...", the other reversed "Law Of Total Tricks, The:..."   (book indexes do not begin with "The").

The author name are "Last, First", with multiple author names.

If applicable, acknowledgement is given to Amazon Book best sellers and "book of the year" award by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

Target Audience:

Newcomer = A great place to start.  The Newcomer module is designed for entry level players learning the basic fundamentals of Bridge.

Basic mechanics and strategy of the Rubber Bridge game
Basic hand evaluation
Bidding fundamentals without competition
Declarer and defender play fundamentals

Novice= Moves beyond fundamentals.  The Novice module offers emerging players insights to improve their technique and tools to enhance partnership communication.

Appreciation of the Bridge ecosystem
Emerging hand evaluation in the ecosystem
Bidding conventions and in the face of competition
Declarer strategies to take your tricks
Defender leads, signals, and strategies

Intermediate= Competitive players moving up.  Intermediate players have been playing Bridge for some time, perhaps having read a few Bridge books, read newspaper columns, or have used a teacher to improve their skills.  Intermediates who play Duplicate Bridge are at or near the Life Master category.

Understanding the Bridge Environmental Factors
Hand evaluation: Law of Total Tricks, Losing Trick Count
Conventions to handle many everyday situations
Declarer techniques - take playing tricks with thought and tools
Defender techniques - more on leads, signals, and strategies
Laws you should know: common infractions

Advanced= Tournament-level and money Rubber Bridge players.  Players at this level really know their stuff.  The Advanced player seeks new methods to further improve bidding accuracy, handle difficult bidding scenarios, and looks for new ways to squeeze out additional tricks.

Conventions to handle most every situation
Difficult play scenarios for the declarer and defender
Count, Count, Count - points, honors and intermediates, suits
Make the Laws your friend
Understanding your partner
Having fun with Bridge jargon

Category: Books segmented by categories including:

General                       Bidding (General)      Competitive (Bidding)
Conventions/Systems      Laws                     Play (General)
Declarer (Play)          Defender (Play)         Entertainment

Number of pages & Recent published date: self explanatory

Order Button: Opportunity to place a book order - clicking on the picture of the book also performs this function.

Synopsis: A high-level description of the book's value proposition to the reader

Example from book: An excerpt from the book, possibly including a narrative and bridge hand

What others say (Submit your Review): An opportunity for readers to share constructive information about a book

Book Detail Indexes

Book indexes typically are subsets of the overall book database, segmented by common demographic areas of interest,  sorted alphabetically by book name (except author index).   The types of Indexes include:

  Author    Category    Favorites    New   Topics   Book Name
  Newcomer =   Novice=   Intermediate=   Advanced=

Each Indexed book includes:

 Book Name, Book Author, Popularity,
  Target Audience (bridge proficiency),
  Category (bridge segment)


Cruises: Another great feature at BridgeHands, allowing ocean travelers to learn other's Bridge experiences on the high seas. BridgeHands has a Cruise Ship Index Page, organized by cruise ship company with cruise ships owned by each company.  Useful company information is provided, including the company's website link, essential phone numbers and EMAIL address, Bridge cruise agent information (useful to Bridge cruise directors), and general cruise ship reviews by several other websites.

BridgeHands Cruise Ship Reviews are indexed by individual cruise ship; each cruise ship webpage includes the name of the cruise ship company, the name of the cruise vessel, a picture of the ship, a website link to the cruise ship company, website link to Cruise Line International Association (useful ship information), and most importantly Bridge-related useful cruise ship reviews.   The actual reviews may include positive and constructive feedback about the Bridge facility, Bridge Director, Bridge games, and Bridge lessons.

Submit Your Review: All Bridge players are encouraged to submit Bridge reviews that your colleagues will find insightful, positive, and impartial to other BridgeHands readers.

  Products - Planned early 2006...

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