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About BridgeHands Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia pages have alpha indexes



With numerous Bridge categories

Proficiency ratings

Common terms have unique webpages

The Encyclopedia pages are organized alphabetically, with alpha links at the top of each page.  Numeric references are generally located at the beginning along with the "Letter A".  While the default Encyclopedia includes all categories, only the Convention names are listed - a synopsis of Conventions is included in a separate Convention area.

Other Encyclopedia categories have separate indexes, including:

 Duplicate, Bidding, General, Play, Conventions, Jargon, Rubber

Individual Bridge terms are indexed by category, including hyperlinks.  Relevant terms are rated between one and four stars, according to the level of proficiency associated with the concept.

The terms may have a complete description on the alpha Encyclopedia page, or a hyperlink to a detail or example page.  If the term pertains to a convention, the explanation is consolidated in the Convention category page.

Hyperlinks to external websites generally open a new browser instance (window); close the instance to return to BridgeHands.


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