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About BridgeHands Products

  BridgeHands Membership Subscription - On our BridgeBlog we offer open viewing for the general audience.  Via a login process, we also have a FREE lifetime membership allowing access to additional content and, like all of our membership subscriptions, we will keep you informed of our latest updates with additional details and commentary.  We also offer value-added PREMIUM three month and twelve month ULTRA programs with video Bridge instruction and additional content.   See additional details and signup here..

BridgeHands includes web pages listing products, including reviews.

Books - This is a major feature of BridgeHands, listing thousands of Bridge books. Book Reviews include useful indexes by New Books, Book Name, Author, Favorites, Target Audience (proficiency), Topics and Category (major Bridge area).   Indexes are generally arranged alphabetically by book name, except author name (Last, First).   Each book has a separate webpage, with a link to order the book (click button or the book picture).  Readers are invited to share their feedback with others using the link to EMAIL BridgeHands.   BridgeHands  invites you to order your Bridge books through leading Affiliates in the industry.  This allows you to conveniently order books with BridgeHands value-added content and is a great way to support us while maintaining attractive pricing with great service.


BridgeHands Advertising features- BridgeHands offers web hosting and eMagazine Newsletter Ads for Services, Instructional Materials, Printed Media, Bridge Supplies, etc.


BridgeHands offers Affiliates free cross-links to your qualified Bridge website.  Listings are generally "like for like" depending on your traffic volume, web link placement within your website, and related synergies.  If you do not have a Bridge website and would like one, please contact to obtain a quote based on your needs


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