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For further information, be sure to check out About BridgeHands

Site Layout

The BridgeHands website has two primary sections:
 - The older legacy site with an abundance of reference materials
 - The new Bridge Blog with hundreds of hours of online instructional videos

New Blog Website

In recent years, our online videos have grown in popularity, gaining thousands of members who enjoy watching our Bridge instructional videos with bidding and play commentary as well as animated card play where students can view all four hands being played.   To view our blog lesson index, please go to:

Beginning in November 2010, in our Bridge blog we began producing regular lessons with online videos beginning in mid-December 2010 (Poll #14) :

1. Polling You detailed 1-2 hour video lessons with numerous hands, comprehensive discussions, typically including downloadable materials.  We strive to ensure each of our lessons offer useful instruction for Bridge players of all levels.  These lessons were produced from 2000 through 2001, with our newer segment Social and Advanced format beginning in 2013.

As of January, 2013, we added two new video segments:

2. Social multi-segmented video lessons for our newcomer, novice-to-intermediate emerging Bridge players.

3. Advanced multi-segmented  video lessons for our higher level and Duplicate Bridge players.

While at our blog site, additionally you can search for terms within that sub-site, navigate within the site and return here to all our reference material by clicking on Main Website at the top of the associated pages.

Legacy Website

Major Website

EMAIL Contacts

The older legacy portion of our BridgeHands website is structured around the following areas, conveniently located at the top and bottom of each webpage:

Encyclopedia, Newsletter, Laws, Products, Services,
Reviews, Training, Practice, Help

The bottom of each webpage also contains BridgeHands EMAIL address contacts.

Cookies - how to know where you are and quickly go back several layers

Immediately below the navigational menu is a "cookie trail" showing the current webpage within the overall website structure.   Users can also click on these hyperlinks to "go up" one or more levels of the website directory tree.   Note - to enable this feature using the newer Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, right-click on the IE task bar - this allow "blocked content" (Active-X) software necessary to display and navigate the directory tree at BridgeHands.  Here is a working example:

 You are at:

Search - Let Google peruse through the BridgeHands site

Search Tips - type a few descriptive keywords and press "Go".  The Search function default is set to find information on BridgeHands.   Select the "Web" radio button to instead search externally on the Internet.

Google automatically adds "and" between your search keywords. The order of keywords may affect your search results

Place "+" and "-" signs before keywords to further define your search. Use the "+" sign in front of common words such as:

2 Notrump

Use the "-" sign in front of words you want omitted, as:

jump -preempt

Search for phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks, as:

"weak 2"  or  "weak two"

The above searches find the webpages matching your keyword criteria. Once you select the desired document, use your browser's "find" function to quickly locate the keyword within the webpage.  For most browsers, to find information within the webpage:

Select ALT-Edit-Find ( or press control-f )

Enter the desired keyword, as:   2 notrump

Press "Enter"

Help - obtain an overview of what's going on

A red Help link is located to the left of the major index pages.  These support pages include additional information helpful to gain insights, i.e., "the big picture" of the functionality and useful tips that parallel the BridgeHands website.

Oodles of links so you can quickly find your way around

The BridgeHands website includes thousands of web pages with an enormous number of hyperlinks between these pages.  All pages include internal "meta tags" which aid the user's search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc).   Many hyperlinks also include sub-page indexes ("anchors"); this feature allows the hyperlink to move within a page to the desired paragraph of interest.

All webpages include our name BridgeHands in the meta tag to help searches

Every meta tag includes the name "BridgeHands", to ensure you find information here while using your search engine by simply including the word "BridgeHands" in your search.   For instance, this page's meta tag description is:

Help - How to Navigate BridgeHands Website

Notice helpful tips like this

Ubiquitous screen and easy to read type fonts

Tables help to visually look through lists

Most webpages are laid out similar to this page.  The left column provides a useful overview of the content detail on the right column (here).

Page layouts are designed to operate within a 800 x 600 pixel web browser screen display.  Typical font size in 12 point with the Verdana font type.

Data is often contained in tables like this:




Multiple rows

Lists information


Alternate white-green color

Easier to read


Encyclopedia pages have alpha indexes and Bridge categories

Proficiency ratings

Common terms have unique webpages

The Encyclopedia pages are organized alphabetically, with alpha links at the top of each page.  Secondary indexes are included by categories: Duplicate, Bidding, General, Play, Conventions, Jargon, Rubber; these indexes segment information to the relevant area.

Individual Bridge terms are indexed by category, including hyperlinks.  Relevant terms are rated between one and four stars, according to the level of proficiency associated with the concept.

The terms may have a complete description on the alpha Encyclopedia page, or a hyperlink to a detail or example page.  If the term pertains to a convention, the explanation is consolidated in the Convention category page.

Hyperlinks to external websites generally open a new browser instance (window); close the instance to return to BridgeHands.

Laws/Rules are structured based the nature of the Bridge game

Multiple ways to find the Law

Excellent cross references to supporting Law documents

The Laws section is structured by jurisdiction:
American Contract Bridge League - Duplicate
American Contract Bridge League - Contract (Rubber)
World Bridge Federation

Laws are indexed by several criteria:
Law number
Alphabetic listing, by both Laws Index an Encyclopedia Index

In addition to the Laws, numerous supporting documents are included.  Many of these documents have cross-referenced links within the BridgeHands website.   For instance, Laws are often cross-linked to Duplicate Decision and Director Tech File documents

Products listed by type of media

The Products section is organized by Books, Products, and Affiliates.  Vendors may advertise their highlighted products using BridgeHands Webhosting services.


Companies, Teachers, and Clubs are invited to share their information

Bridge players can improve their game via EMAIL help

Receive free monthly EMAIL newsletter

Services include:

BridgeHands Website Hosting, with segments including: Bridge TeachersBridge Clubs and Bridge Products.   Categories are normally listed alphabetically by segment, excepting Bridge Teachers which is organized geographically by territory.

BridgeHands Question and Answer, an EMAIL-based service where customers purchase hourly increments of time.  BridgeHands has two categories based on Bridge player's proficiency: Newcomer/Novice and Intermediate/Advanced.

BridgeHands eMagazine Newsletter is a free monthly newsletter EMAILed to Bridge players interested in improving their game.    BridgeHands has two categories based on Bridge player's proficiency: Newcomer/Novice and Intermediate/Advanced.


An immense listing of Bridge books with numerous indexes based on various criteria

Read and provide feedback on Bridge books

The Reviews section includes the categories:

Books - This is a major feature of BridgeHands, listing thousands of Bridge books.  Numerous indexes include: New Books, Book Name, Bridge Topic, Author Name, Favorites, Target Audience (proficiency), and Category (major area).   Indexes are generally arranged alphabetically by book name, except author name (Last, First).   Each book has a separate webpage, with a link to order the book (click button or the book picture).  Readers are invited to share their feedback with others using the link to EMAIL BridgeHands

Product Reviews operate similar to the above review sections.




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