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About BridgeHands Services


BridgeHands offers a wide range of services to support your Bridge needs:

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BridgeHands eMagazine Newsletter - A free EMAIL newsletter available to Bridge players.  Two versions are available:

Newcomer and Novice: for entry level and emerging players
Intermediate and Advanced: for competitive and tourney players

Customer Privacy Statement - BridgeHands never sells
nor shares customer information with anyone
or other companies.

BridgeHands looks forward to answering your Bridge questions

BridgeHands offers  Question and Answer EMAIL Support for your Bridge related questions

You may ask questions as often as you like and always buy more time as needed.  BridgeHands EMAIL responses include a time log with your account balance.


Find info on Bridge folks

BridgeHands hosts helpful information for the Bridge community.  Players can find useful info on Bridge areas of interest:

Bridge Teachers
Bridge Clubs


Get an online presence to promote your products with new channels and customers

BridgeHands Advertising:

BridgeHands Advertising offer web services for existing and startup Bridge companies.  Potential Bridge customers may not be aware of your vendors products and services, nor your unique value propositions.  Product placement allows vendors to advertise their products and services to potential customers, stimulating increased demand for the best products in the industry.  Product placement can help you reach potential customers that may not otherwise find a match, thereby stimulating increased demand.


Bridge web hosting for Bridge folks

BridgeHands Website Hosting - Services support:

Bridge Advertising
Bridge Teachers
Bridge Clubs

Affiliate Services offer reciprocal weblinks

See details for Bridge Teachers, Bridge Clubs, and Bridge Cruise Directors/Teachers

Affiliate Products offer reciprocal weblinks

See details for Bridge Products and Bridge Distributors



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