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BridgeHands Press Release

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After four years of development, BridgeHands is launching its Bridge instruction website at  The Company also offers services and a free monthly "eMag" Bridge instruction newsletter.  BridgeHands goal is to provide Bridge material that is complete, integrated, enlightening, entertaining, and easy to learn.   That's a tall order, so how will they do it?

BridgeHands is built around a web-based Bridge Encyclopedia with hundreds of pages and thousands of bridge terms, concepts and examples conveniently indexed the way emerging players want it.  In addition to a general index, BridgeHands has secondary indexes for: Duplicate or Contract Rubber Bridge players, bidding, play, conventions -systems, and even a fun index with Bridge jargon.

The website has Product and Service sections, essentially a low cost web hosting service allowing the Bridge community to share information with others.  Bridge players, teachers, professional players, cruise directors, clubs, and advertisers submit their data via EMAIL.  BridgeHands generates web pages with appropriate easy to access index links for viewers to find with their web browser.  Those preferring anonymity are not listed internally nor through popular public search engines.

Another interesting service is their Question and Answer EMAIL offering.  Bridge players purchase affordable consulting time by the hour, sending BridgeHands EMAIL requests for assistance.  Consistent with their stated goals, BridgeHands EMAIL responses are often cross-linked to their Encyclopedia providing students a path for additional study.

BridgeHands has a Review area that's bound to be very popular with players interested in Bridge books and ocean cruises offering Bridge.  The website has an astonishing 1,500+ books listed, each with a unique web page including 10 useful book attributes and the ability to order directly from BridgeHands Affiliates.  Like the Encyclopedia, the folks at BridgeHands got the indexes right here, too.  The books can be sorted by book name, author, category, target audience, new books and award-winning favorites.  The book categories include:  general, bidding (general and competitive), conventions/systems, play (general, declarer, defender), laws, and entertainment.   Also following the rest of the site, the target audience index is segmented by: newcomer, novice, intermediate, and advanced.   You'll also find book cross-references in the Encyclopedia, eMagazine, and Q & A Service.

Additionally, they have a Review section for ocean cruise ships offering Bridge.  Both the book and cruise ship review sections allow the Bridge community to send constructive feedback (moderated via EMAIL) for inclusion on the website. And BridgeHands takes customer privacy seriously, ensuring review submitters are known only by the "handle" of their choosing.

Regardless of the game, serious players take the Laws seriously, and so does BridgeHands.  The site includes a complete reference of Duplicate and Contract Rubber Bridge Laws, ruling/appeals, handbooks for Duplicate Clubs-Units-Tournaments, and supporting documents (courtesy of the American Contract Bridge League).  Materials are cross-referenced both within the Laws documents as well as the Encyclopedia, eMagazine and Q & A Service.  The site also includes daily bulletins from major international and ACBL national tourneys and ruling appeals.

Says BridgeHands owner Michael Nistler, "Those who know Bridge think of it more than just a game; we want the BridgeHands website to offer more than just run-of-the-mill Bridge material.  Those who play competitive games discover lessons learned are transferable to real life.  The Bridge table provides an excellent microcosm to learn about ourselves and others, providing a path for continuous improvement throughout our lives.   U. S. Presidents from George Washington to Dwight D. Eisenhower have loved Bridge.  Yet as our demographic age increases, we need new ways to reach and support younger audiences.  My hope is that BridgeHands will support emerging and existing enthusiasts with Bridge content that's complete, integrated, enlightening, entertaining, and easy to learn.  Please visit us at: "

In 2006, BridgeHands is planning to offer new sections, including practice and learning modules.

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