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Marty Sez - Bergen’s Bevy of Bridge Secrets


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1    Getting Off On the Right Foot       13

2   Hand Evaluation    23

3  Opener’s Decisions        33

4  Responder’s Decisions    43

5  Notrump Bidding   53

6   All About Slam     65

7   Passed Hand Bidding     75

8   Preempts — We Do It   83

9   Preempts — They Do It 95

10  Competitive Auctions     105

11  I’ll Have a Double 117

12  Impressive Declarer Play       129

13  The Defense Never Rests      143

         Glossary       153

      Recommended Reading       159


Chapter 9 


Note: Only summaries are included below - see book for details

© 2001 - Marty Bergen

First Come, First Served

You can’t preempt a preempt.

Looking Good in Your New Suit

When partner overcalls an enemy’s opening preempt, your bid of a new suit is forcing.

Pick a Major, any Major

When an opponent opens 3 or 3, a cuebid shows a good hand with at least 5-5 in the majors.

The Cheapest Game in Town

When an opponent opens 3 or 3, try to avoid overcalling 4 or 4.

A Major Change

When in doubt, bid 4 over 4.

It’s Not Unusual...

After an opponent opens with a preempt, 2NT and 3NT are natural overcalls. They are not the Unusual notrump.

It IS Unusual

After an opponent opens 4, a 4NT overcall shows at least 5-5 in the minors and a promising hand.

A Newfangled Double

A double of an opening 4 or 4 preempt is neither “takeout” nor “penalty.”

10  Competitive Auctions     105

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