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Marty Sez - Bergenís Bevy of Bridge Secrets


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1    Getting Off On the Right Foot       13

2   Hand Evaluation    23

3  Openerís Decisions        33

4  Responderís Decisions    43

5  Notrump Bidding   53

6   All About Slam     65

7   Passed Hand Bidding     75

8   Preempts ó We Do It   83

9   Preempts ó They Do It 95

10  Competitive Auctions     105

11  Iíll Have a Double 117

12  Impressive Declarer Play       129

13  The Defense Never Rests      143

         Glossary       153

      Recommended Reading       159


Chapter 3


Note: Only summaries are included below - see book for details

© 2001 - Marty Bergen

Bid More With Less

When you open 1 or 1 and partner makes a limit raise, never pass if you have a singleton or void.

A Minor Dilemma

With four diamonds and five clubs, open  1 only when your minimum opening bid includes strong diamonds.


When opener has 6-4 distribution, he should usually show his four-card suit before rebidding the six-bagger.

Flat as a Pancake

Once you open 1 with a totally flat hand (4-3-3-3), NEVER introduce a four-card major at your second turn.

Donít Wait for a Fourth

Opener can raise a 1 or 1 response to the two level with just three trumps.

Out of Balance

When you open 1 or 1 and partner responds 1, it is often right to rebid   1NT with a singleton spade.

Itís not Necessarily Over

When partner responds in a new suit, openerís jump to game is NOT a signoff.

Play It Again, Sam

In a competitive auction, opener can rebid  a four-card minor once it has been raised.

4  Responderís Decisions    43

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